Running Red Lights Follow-Up_ Tampa Drivers

A couple of weeks ago, I looked at the shocking new study that had come out from the AAA Foundation that discussed the record high in deaths caused by running red lights. We’re back with a bit of a follow-up on that original blog article. Taking the information from the study and looking at Tampa reveals some interesting new information.

If you missed that original story, I recommend going back and giving it a read. It’s sobering to see how big of an issue drivers running red lights is. As a quick refresher, we recently hit a decadelong high in fatalities caused by drivers running red lights. In 2017, there were 939 people killed in these tragic accidents. That was a 31% increase from 2009. It’s to the point where at least 2 people are killed every single day by reckless drivers running lights.

Tampa Drivers Are Some of the Most Reckless

Now we get to the revealing part. An article published recently in the Tampa Bay Times took a deeper look into the AAA study. What the newspaper found isn’t very flattering for the Tampa Bay area. This article found that Tampa drivers are some of the most reckless and biggest offenders in the country.

In the original AAA study, they examine the top 10 intersections in the country with the highest rates of cars running red lights. Two of the ten most dangerous intersections are located in the Tampa area. Of the thousands and thousands of intersections across the country, we have two of the most dangerous right in our backyard.

  • E Hillsborough Avenue at N 22nd Street in Tampa ranked 5th with 7,674 violations
  • US 19 at Trouble Creek Road in New Port Richey ranked 8th with 6,380 violations

We’re talking about 21 violations per day at the first and 17 per day at the second. That is a lot of drivers that have no respect for the law. This goes beyond going a few miles above the speed limit because you’re running behind.

We have red lights for a reason. When at least two people are dying every day, it’s time to take a stand. We need to stop this slow bleed of innocent lives.

Tampa drivers, I urge you, just stop. There is no job or appointment worth killing somebody over, and you run that risk every time you run a red light.

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