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It’s a little after 5pm, and you’re driving down the road. Maybe you had a tough day at work. Maybe you’re running behind to pick up your kids. Suddenly, you come upon another car driving several miles under the speed limit, or a careless driver who is clearly on their phone. There are many reasons for road rage, but it can come out of nowhere. Before long, you’re in a screaming match with your windshield and your hands are too busy making gestures to hold onto your steering wheel.

Sometimes driving can bring out the worst in us. When we lose control, that’s when accidents happen. That’s why we’ll be talking about the problem of road rage in our blog today.

Ruskin Driver Killed After Aggressive Driving Incident

Yesterday evening, a young mother from Ruskin was killed when she lost control of her vehicle after a road rage incident. Her two children were inside the car at the time.

According to state troopers, the mother from Ruskin was driving south on Interstate 75 at a high speed when she came up behind a car that was moving much slower. The driver in the faster car began to make aggressive gestures to get the slower-moving car out of their lane.

Without her hands on the wheel, the driver quickly lost control of her vehicle. After driving off the road and into the median, her car rolled several times. Two boys, aged 10 and 6, were inside the car at the time of the accident.

The mother was pronounced dead at the hospital and her two children suffered minor injuries.

The Cost of Road Rage

When we drive, it’s easy to feel isolated from the rest of the world. You’re protected behind your windshield from the consequences of your actions. It’s easy to scream and shout when the other drivers have no way of responding to you. That doesn’t mean there are no consequences.

We are taught to be defensive drivers, because aggressive driving comes at a cost. When your emotions get the best of you, your focus is no longer on your safety or the road ahead. Just like distracted driving, road rage takes your eyes and your mind off of the task ahead.

That leads to injuries, and even death.

We’ve all had bad days. We’ve all been frustrated by other drivers on the road. But we must put our safety and the safety of our passengers above everything else. Otherwise, the consequences can be deadly.

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