White SUV Crashes into Tampa Bay Waters

Sometimes it feels like people will never be safe, respectful drivers. You can create 100 PSAs and spend millions educating people and yet you’ll never fix everyone. We’ve spent years highlighting the importance of defensive driving for our communities in Tampa and Winter Haven as personal injury attorneys. Every day we come face to face with the tragedy that is caused by people who are careless on the road. Lives are lost or changed forever all from completely preventable mistakes.

This morning, a similar story played out on the Howard Frankland Bridge in the Tampa Bay area.

Howard Frankland Bridge Crash on Wednesday

This is still a developing story, but we’ll present you with the confirmed facts that we have from the Florida Highway Patrol so far. There was a multi-car crash this morning that ended with one car flying over the side of the bridge and into Tampa Bay.

Around 7 a.m. this morning, a driver in a white SUV was speeding down the south lane in what was described as a “reckless manner.” When the SUV attempted to change lanes, it crashed into a truck in the lane next to it.

The crash caused the reckless SUV to begin to spin and flip into the air. It overturned several times in the air before finally flying over the bridge barrier and into the Bay waters below.

Initial reports from the St. Petersburg Fire Rescue responders said that nobody in the SUV was seen coming out of the automobile or out of the water after it flipped over the edge.

The SUV was quickly located by marine responder teams roughly an hour after the crash. At this point, no details have been released about the state of the driver or passengers inside.

The Dangers of Reckless Driving

What took place this morning is a tragedy. While we don’t know the status of the driver in the SUV, we know that the driver of the truck in the original collision is okay. One of the most tragic parts of this crash is that it was avoidable.

It only takes a second. You can make safe choices again and again, but all it takes is for you to let your guard down for a moment. If the white SUV had driven defensively and checked lanes safely before switching, we wouldn’t be writing this story.

I hope this is a timely, but sobering reminder to everyone that your life can change in an instant. Whether you’re late for work or suffering from road rage, take a moment to think. It only takes a single mistake to change your life or the lives of others forever. I know this because I deal with it every day.

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And remember, slow down, stay safe and be careful.

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