As we prepare to welcome 2023, we want to put out an important reminder for those who plan to ring in the new year with a few drinks with friends or family:

Don’t forget to plan for a designated driver!

Whether you’re heading to a friend’s home right here in Winter Haven to celebrate the holiday, or are making your way to a local bar like Union Taproom, Barrel 239, Jensen’s Sports Bar, Grove Roots, or another local hot spot, a designated driver is a vital part of your New Year plan if you’re going to consume alcohol. Each year, hundreds of people become victims of car accidents involving drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve. Sadly, many of these injuries or deaths could be prevented with a simple phone call, and in a world where cell phones (and even smart watches!) are the norm, there’s no excuse for not calling a safe driver if you’ve had more than one drink. Who is a good candidate for your designated driver?

  • a non-drinking friend
  • a family member willing to come with you, or pick you up at the end of the evening
  • a rideshare service (Uber, Lyft, etc.)
  • public transportation

By planning ahead for a designated driver, you’re better able to enjoy the evening and the celebration, but will keep yourself and others safe when it’s time to head home. Remind your friends to plan ahead as well, and consider splitting the cost of the rideshare service, or arranging with a mutual friend to give your group a ride home. If you’re hosting the New Year’s party, providing overnight accomodations for your friends is a great way to keep them safe and remove the need for a designated driver altogether. No matter how you choose to protect yourself this New Year’s Eve, remember that alcohol and your keys should never go hand in hand, and when you put down a drink, pick up your phone to call for a ride.

The team at Brooks Law Group wishes everyone a safe and happy New Year. We will be here and ready to serve our Winter Haven community in 2023 with legal services tailored to each client’s specific needs. Accidents, injuries, and disputes of all kinds are handled by our experienced team of attorneys, giving victims representation they need to get the justice they deserve and the compensation they need to move forward. This year, if you find yourself facing a legal battle, Look to Brooks!

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