A 15-month-old baby and at least two others were reportedly victims of a violent Florida car accident on Monday, January 21, when another vehicle allegedly ran a stop sign while traveling at a high rate of speed and struck their car. The baby was ejected through the windshield of the car.

Early reports from Florida CBS News affiliates indicate the catastrophic accident occurred as the baby’s car was being followed by another vehicle, in which a woman who had helped raise the child witnessed the car wreck as it happened. After seeing the child thrown through the windshield by the force of the collision, that woman picked up the child and took her immediately to an emergency room. Florida authorities investigating the accident were unable to find evidence that the child was restrained in a child safety seat when the wreck occurred.

Both the baby and the mother suffered injuries in this horrific car accident and are currently in serious condition in Florida hospitals. The man in the baby’s car was reportedly killed in the crash, and another person, possibly the driver of the car that ran the stop sign, may have also been transported to a hospital with injuries. Motor vehicle accidents like this “t-bone” accident, caused by the carelessness of a speeding car that runs a stop sign or light, often result in serious personal injury or death to the victims.

Our hearts go out to those injured in this horrible Florida accident, for whom we wish a speedy recovery. We urge you to always ensure that children are strapped into proper child safety car seats when traveling, because no matter how safely you intend to drive, you can never control a wreck caused by the carelessness of another driver.

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