man sits in wheelchair wearing blue hospital gown and looking distraught and distant

In the wake of an accident and resulting injuries, victims are left in significant physical and emotional pain. In many cases, individuals struggle with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that can last anywhere from weeks to years, depending on severity and treatment. When working through these intense emotions and fears, paired with recovering from physical injuries, victims can feel overwhelmed and lost.

This period of time after an accident is, unfortunately, when victims are expected to make major decisions regarding the pursuit of justice. Many wonder if representing themselves would be easier and less stressful than hiring an experienced injury attorney.

Should you represent yourself instead of hiring an injury attorney?

Absolutely not.

The importance of hiring an experienced injury attorney can not be overstated. During the days, weeks, and months following your accident, you’ll be dealing with:

  • mental and emotional trauma that can cloud judgement, limit decision-making skills, and impair cognitive abilities
  • lack of physical ability due to injures. If you’re healing from serious physical injuries, it can be a struggle to keep up with regular daily activities and required medical appointments
  • stress due to PTSD, financial strain, and other issues related to your accident

Each of these on their own would make it hard to manage a case on your own, but when all of them are put together, the task is impossible.

Legal guidance after your accident is imperative.

You don’t just need an injury attorney…you need an advocate.

During this difficult period in the aftermath of your accident, you don’t just need a cold business relationship. Victims of accidents need an advocate, and that’s what we aim to provide for our clients throughout Tampa Bay.

As an advocate and experienced injury attorney, each lawyer at Brooks Law Group offers a variety of supports and services for victims.

We represent your best interest.

Our top priority is your best interest. We thoroughly investigate every angle, making sure you are represented in the best possible way throughout your entire case. In addition to legal guidance, we also provide support throughout your journey, and answers for your questions.

We stand in the gap for you.

As your advocate, we stand in the gap as you recover after your accident. By buffering questions from insurance companies, calls from adjusters, and endless stacks of paperwork, we give you space to focus on yourself and your healing.

We protect you from exploitation.

Sadly, victims are often exploited by insurance companies and pestered incessantly by those hoping to make money off your trauma. As your advocate and experienced injury attorney, your lawyer will make sure you are protected by this eploitation by serving as your point of contact.

An experienced injury attorney fights for maximum compensation.

Because your best interest is our top priority, you can rest assured that we won’t settle for less than the best. You’re not just making a money grab after your accident. As a victim, you have likely experienced significant financial stress due to your injuries and damages.

Take this example for instance:

An average head trauma and resulting TBI (traumatic brain injury) leads to almost $7,000 in one-time ER costs according to the CDC. Following that visit, you’ll either be placed in hospital

man stands holding onto bars in rehabilitation center while being supported by medical attendant

Rehabilitation can last for weeks or months, leading to enormous financial burdens.

care, or released and placed in out-patient rehabilitation. For those placed at in-patient rehabilitation centers, the cost is upwards of $1,600 per day, and can skyrocket to almost $50,000 over the duration of an average stay. When added with the cost of vehicle repair or replacement, childcare, lost wages, various medications and therapies, and other related costs, you could be facing a huge mountain of debt during your recovery.

You need maximum compensation, and that’s what we fight for.

In addition to relieving financial burdens, we aim to make communities safer. We hold at-fault parties accountable for their actions and negligence. Our hope is to prevent these parties from repeating the same mistakes again and again without fear of the repercussions.

Brooks Law Group is here for you after your accident.

We are more than injury attorneys. Tampa Bay victims trust us to provide support, care, and concern for them and their families during the difficult period after their accident. We can help you too. Don’t put off calling for help because you’re afraid of the cost or the hassle. Our consultations are free. We’ll answer your questions, provide insight into your case, and help you choose the best next step. If you choose to work with our team and let us represent you, you won’t pay a dime unless we win your settlement. Our contingency fee gives you peace of mind and the freedom to choose us based off of our services, not out of obligation.

We’re here for you. Look to Brooks after your accident.