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If you surveyed drivers in Tampa Bay about their biggest pet peeves about the area, we know one of the top answers would be:


In recent years, traffic in and around Tampa and Central Florida has only continued to get worse. Due to the influx of new business, people moving to the area, and slow development of infrastructure, traffic went from bad to worse on major highways like Interstate 75, Interstate 4, and local streets.

Perhaps one of the biggest pet peeves about the traffic though is dealing with left lane drivers, also known as left lane “campers.”

You know the ones we’re talking about. They get into the left lane, slow down, and then drive several miles below the posted speed limit. They ignore the line of cars behind them, and might even ignore honks from disgruntled motorists. Finally, many drivers resort to going around them in the right hand lanes, which is actually more dangerous for all involved.

Thankfully, Florida’s legislature is doing something about this problem on our local roads. 

How is Florida ending left-lane driving? 

With so many accidents and complaints surrounding left-lane driving on our major highways, Florida’s leadership knew something must be done.

After much work and discussion, a new bill was just passed by the Florida Senate that will put an end to left-lane camping and the risks that come with it.

This new bill is called HB 317 and it’s a big deal for Tampa Bay commuters!

What does HB 317 do for Tampa drivers?

This new bill, called HB 317, provides for:

  • ticketing drivers who are left-lane driving in areas where the speed limit is 65 mph or more
  • citations for left-lane driving will be $60-$150

This means that while it won’t impact smaller, local roads, our highways will be cleared of left-lane campers. Since it will now be punishable with a citation, lawmakers hope this will be motivation to keep people in the right lanes and leave the left lane open for safe passing.

The bill goes into effect on January 1, 2025.

So, how should I use the left lane of the highway? 

Knowing the rules of the road is important for anyone operating a vehicle, yet many drivers don’t fully understand the purpose of the left lane on a multi-lane highway.

Passing is the main purpose of this lane, but it must be done safely.

Proper protocols for passing on major roads include:

  • Use your signals before you begin to change lanes. Give other drivers a chance to see them before you make a move.
  • Maintain your (legal) speed. Don’t slow down!
  • Look twice and use your mirrors for a comprehensive picture of what’s happening around you.
  • Give plenty of clearance for other cars, especially commercial vehicles and semi-trucks.
  • If you must pass another driver using the left lane, do so quickly, and then merge back into the regular lanes of moving traffic.

Watch for more updates about HB 317! 

Brooks Law Group is keeping an eye on this bill and how it affects traffic in our local areas. We hope it will decrease accident numbers due to left-lane driving and unsafe passing practices.

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