Earlier this year, a trip to Disney ended in tragedy after five children were killed in a deadly semi truck accident. While all accidents are dangerous, the stakes are raised exponentially when a commercial truck is involved.

In this disaster, more than just five lives were lost. Two truck drivers also lost their lives in the wreck.

The Facts of the Truck Crash

On January 3rd, a church van full of children from Louisiana was on the way to Disney World with a semi truck traveling nearby. On Interstate 75 near Gainesville, a separate semi truck and car crashed into each other and began to swerve. As the semi lost control, it burst through the metal guardrails separating lanes of traffic.

Two semi trucks, one car and the church van all collided with each other in a matter of seconds. Diesel fuel leaking from one of the vehicles erupted into a massive fireball. A fifth car wasn’t able to avoid the pileup and sped through, possible hitting victims ejected in the crash.

Truck Accident Kills 5 Children in Church Van on the way to Disney

In total, this tragedy took the lives of seven. Five children from the church van and both truck drivers were killed in the crash and subsequent fire. An additional eight others were injured in the chaos, some of them were seriously wounded.

The Facts of the Lawsuit

On Thursday, the mother of a 14-year-old boy lost in the accident filed a lawsuit against one of the truckers and others involved. The lawsuit was filed by an attorney in Palm Beach County.

The attorney representing the mother is requesting an inspection of both semi trucks involved in the collision and a review of both truck drivers’ driving history.

Initial court records show that one of the truck drivers, Steve Holland, has received multiple tickets since 2000. These include tickets for:

  • Speeding
  • Driving an unsafe vehicle
  • Driving an overloaded vehicle

This month, we published an article detailing the dangers of driving an overloaded truck. Statistics also tell us how speed is a major factor in fatal truck accidents. Small decisions, like choosing to take on a bit more cargo or to go a little faster, can have devastating effects when things go wrong.

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