military father and daughter - month of the military child

Florida is home to thousands of veterans, and we are passionate about paying them well-earned respect. However, did you know the month of April has been set aside to recognize and remember their children? April is the Month of the Military Child. The weeks ahead have been designated to honor the sacrifices made by the youngest members of military families.

Brooks Law Group has a reputation here in the Tampa area for standing up for our veterans in their greatest moments of need. This means our support whether they’re facing injuries or damages following a car accident. It also includes fighting for justice following their choice to take part in the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination lawsuit. In April, we want to advocate for the children of these beloved veterans. As a local business, how can you show these young ones how much you appreciate their sacrifices as their parent(s) serve our country?

How can you celebrate the Month of the Military Child?

A few simple ideas include:

  • Offer a discount on goods and services for military children during the month of April… or all year long! This could be free or discounted admission to an attraction, a free meal, free upgrades to rooms or accommodations, etc. No matter your type of business, if it caters to kids, you have the opportunity to show our military children how much you appreciate them.
  • Run a promotion for military kids to raise awareness AND treat them to something special! Perhaps you can offer a free treat or prize for military kids for the month of April and then promote this publicly to make sure others know about the Month of the Military Child as well.
  • Host an event for local military children. This could be held in a public place such as a park or recreation center or at your own facility. Make sure though that it’s child-friendly and big enough to accommodate a group. Consider getting other local businesses and sponsors involved, and make it a community effort. Keep things fun with bright decorations, entertaining activities, and perhaps some incentives for parents as well (like a free lunch!) since they’re usually playing the role of single parents and will surely appreciate a moment of recognition.
military family enjoying time together during the month of the military child

Let’s celebrate our veterans and their families!

We encourage all Tampa businesses to look for ways to support our military families and participate in local celebrations of the Month of the Military Child. Brooks Law Group is proud to stand with our veterans, and we want all Florida veterans to know they have a safe place and trusted assistance with and from our team.

These brave men and women have stood for our country, and now it’s our turn to stand for them. We offer FREE consultations for victims and will make sure you feel confident in our team when you choose us to take on your case.

When accidents happen, Tampa residents know they can always Look to Brooks.

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