Large Trucks are Involved in 1/3 of All Fatal Crashes Occurring in Work Zones

Work zones are some of the most treacherous places on Florida roadways. As the number of people killed in work zones along roads continues to climb, federal regulators are calling on the public to exercise caution as they navigate work zones. In particular, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is asking truck drivers to be more careful in work zones, as new research shows that large trucks are involved in one-third of all fatal work zone crashes.

“Fatal crashes occurring in work zones are both tragic and absolutely preventable,” FMCSA Deputy Administrator Meera Joshi said in a recent statement. “I am especially concerned that large trucks continue to have a disproportional involvement in fatal crashes occurring in work zones – 33 percent – when large trucks comprise roughly five percent of vehicular traffic. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted, slow down, obey the signs and the instructions of flaggers, and be courteous and safe by giving every vehicle extra space.”

According to the statement, data from the Federal Highway Administration shows that 842 people died in work zone crashes in 2019. That’s 11.2 percent higher than the previous year, where 757 people died. It’s the biggest percentage increase in work zone deaths recorded this century.

Officials Urge Public to Be Wary in Work Zones

The Federal Highway Administration shared the following safety tips to help minimize the number of work zone accidents:

  • Check your route before you go so you know where work zones might be and can plan accordingly.
  • Obey all posted signs as you navigate the work zone.
  • Pay special attention to your actions and others around you while proceeding through a work zone.
  • Keep your speed low and be wary of sudden stops.
  • Be careful around other vehicles, especially large trucks.

FMCSA conducted its own outreach campaign as part of National Work Zone Awareness Week, focusing its efforts in Florida, Georgia, and Texas. These three states have some of the highest numbers of work zone crashes. FMCSA officials produced public service messages and ran ads on billboards in these states to encourage drivers to be more careful as they neared work zones.

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