Large Truck Accidents: Dump Trucks

We’ve written a lot about the dangers of large truck accidents. When you hear the phrase large truck, you probably think of semi trucks. That’s not the only large truck to watch out for on the roads, however. Waste management companies across the country employ big, heavy dump trucks to clean up local municipalities’ trash. Due to their size, poor visibility and limited mobility, these dump trucks often cause their own share of danger.

What Causes Dump Truck Crashes?

There are a variety of factors behind accidents with garbage trucks. In cities, garbage trucks are forced to maneuver in small, cramped residential streets. Wherever their route takes them is where they have to go, even if that route takes them down narrow alleys with limited visibility.

Garbage trucks often have very large blind spots that can make seeing where they’re going difficult. Especially when they have to back up or maneuver through tight city spaces. For this reason, most dump trucks are equipped with a series of safety features such as backup alarms and cameras. If these features aren’t properly taken care of or serviced, they can stop working. This can cause tragic, even fatal accidents.

We wrote a blog article a few months ago about a woman on Davis Islands who was killed by a dump truck. After further investigation, it was revealed that the Tampa garbage truck that hit her was not properly serviced and many of its key safety features were not working at the time of the accident. If you want to read more about the Davis Island dump truck accident, follow the link.

There are many more potential factors in any dump truck accident. Their massive size, multiple blind spots and limited maneuverability make them something to watch out carefully for.

What Should You Do in a Garbage Truck Accident?

If you’ve been hit by a garbage truck, you need to react like any other large truck accident. Here are a few steps you should take immediately following the collision.

  1. Call 911
    Even if you or your passengers don’t appear to be injured, you need to contact law enforcement. Sometimes injuries don’t reveal themselves immediately, so seeking medical treatment after a crash can protect your rights and may help diagnose injuries you weren’t yet aware of.
  2. Stay at the scene
    You must stay at the scene of the crash until police officers arrive. They’ll need a report of what happened and what caused the crash.
  3. Think before you speak
    Accidents can be traumatic, and you may find yourself shaken up or confused. Be intentional about the information that you share with law enforcement officers, as you want to make sure you provide the unaltered facts of the crash. Until all of the facts have been revealed, you should avoid apologies or any statements that assume fault in the crash. You may not know everything that led to the crash until after the fact.

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