involved in a car accident

Every day, when we step into our vehicle, we run the risk of getting involved in a car accident. While we, most of the time, get to our destination safely, there is always a possibility that an automobile accident will stop us in our tracks. Well, what happens if that possibility turns into your reality?

involved in a car accident - damaged car

What to keep in mind when you are involved in a car accident

First and foremost, when you get into an accident, you must stay calm. Make sure to protect yourself first to ensure that you are safe and healthy. When an accident occurs, your safety should be your number one priority.

After exiting your vehicle safely, you need to make sure that the scene around you is also safe.

Call 911! Make sure to call the police and, if neccessary, an ambulance. When the police arrive, tell the officers at the scene a complete and detailed account of exactly what happened.

If you do not remember what happened or the details of the accident are fuzzy, do not attempt to guess what happened or make up any details. If you are in that situation, tell the officers that you simply do not remember what happened. After filing your claim, make sure to completely review all other statements provided at the accident to ensure that all claims are truthful.

Next, make sure to document the whole scene of the accident. Make sure to take pictures of every dent, scratch, or chip that your car sustained from the impact during the accident. You should also take pictures of the scene of the accident. Also, make sure to exchange information with the other person(s) involved in the car accident.

Dealing with insurance companies

Ensuring that the information you receive from the other parties involved in the car accident is truthful will go a long way when attempting to recoup claims. However, when you contact your insurance company, be careful with what you tell them. Many insurance companies tend to do whatever is possible to limit or even deny any claim you may have.

Contact an attorney

After going through the first couple of steps at the scene of an accident, make sure to consult your attorney. They will ensure the proper legal care and treatment that you deserve. At the Brooks Law Group, we have handled a variety of different types of accident cases for over twenty years. We have a large number of seasoned and experienced accident attorneys who will work their hardest to get you the compensation you deserve. If you or someone you know was recently involved in an automobile accident, please fill out an evaluation on our webpage, or call (863) 299-1962 for your free consultation.

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