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Is a lawyer required for every legal scenario? Not necessarily. All of us have experienced a fender bender, traffic ticket, or other minor scenario that was settled easily without the help of an attorney. However, some scenarios absolutely require a lawyer’s help.

In this blog, we’re covering 3 common scenarios we experience as accident and injury attorneys here in Tampa Bay. If you find yourself in any of these situations, you’ll be ready to call in the right kind of reinforcements from the very beginning.

Scenario 1: Serious injuries or long-term disabilities

Accidents often cause severe injury and leave a victim with long-term consequences. In these situations, legal help is necessary. These complicated cases require a lawyer’s help, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the law (and its loopholes). What’s more, victims of these accidents can’t adequately represent themselves as they are focused on recovery, healing, and rehabilitation.

An experienced injury lawyer assists with:

  • deciphering evidence (including medical evidence from your long list of doctors, therapists, etc.)
  • valuing your damages so your potential compensation covers your needs and losses
  • insurance company limits and complex claims

Anytime an accident results in serious injuries and long-term disability, bring in a lawyer ASAP.

Scenario 2: Dispute of liability after an accident

It’s vital to consider the fault of all parties after an accident. Unfortunately, parties fall into a “he said/she said” battle in many cases. In these situations, a dispute of liability necessitates the help of a lawyer. Proving the liability of the at-fault party is crucial to a successful case. Experienced attorneys have the resources and skills needed.


Accident and injury attorneys spend hundreds of hours gathering evidence, researching and reviewing specific laws related to your case, and putting together a solid argument on your behalf. So, when it comes to disputes of liability, you need a lawyer’s help.

Scenario 3: Insurance company denial

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Insurance companies can look for loopholes to get out of paying your claim.

Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims or trying to lowball payouts. When injured in an accident and the insurance company won’t listen, you need a lawyer’s help. Personal injury attorneys advocate for you with both your own insurance company and the insurance company(ies) of the at-fault party(ies). Experienced lawyers will:

Insurance companies pay attention to attorneys.  Therefore, when you ask for a lawyer’s help, providers pay the money owed.

When you need a lawyer’s help, Look to Brooks!

Tampa area victims trust Brooks Law Group when they face taking a case to court. We’ve proven our effectiveness in and out of the courtroom repeatedly, getting the results our clients need. Our team of experienced injury attorneys advocate for you, fighting for the justice and compensation you deserve after your accident. Our care and concern for each client, and our no-risk representation and contingency fee, aim to make victims feel supported and at peace throughout the legal process. From your first (free!) consultation, until the day your settlement is complete, count on Brooks Law Group to give you our best.

Don’t risk having your claim denied, or being offered a settlement that’s smaller than you deserve. When accidents (and injuries) happen, Look to Brooks!