I-4 construction worker with project plans

Commuting on I-4 is a struggle that Polk and Hillsborough County residents know well. Whether you commute to Tampa or Orlando, you’ve surely been caught in some rush hour traffic. It looks like the new year will bring some I-4 construction changes that might help you out!

Did you know that I-4 is one of the deadliest highways in the United States? With so many tourists, commuters, and travelers, we can see why. Take extra care when driving this dangerous road.

Changes to I-4 Construction in Orlando

Driving through Orlando on I-4 can be a huge headache. It seems like there has been construction going on for ages. The I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project began in 2015 with plans to finish this year. This project spans over 21 miles from Orange County to Seminole County and costs over $2.3 billion. Plans included rebuilding bridges and interchanges and adding express toll lanes in the center.

Well, Orlando commuters rejoice—the Florida Department of Transportation has announced that construction is mostly coming to a close. All that’s left on the non-toll roads is one last coat of asphalt. This final coat is meant to drain rainwater off of the road. Hopefully, this will allow for drivers to travel at higher speeds, keeping traffic moving along safely.

Unfortunately, commuters will have to wait for the express toll roads to open. These may not be available for use until 2022. For now, try leaving a little earlier to make it to work on time and avoid rush hour traffic.

Lake Alfred I-4 Construction Updates

If you live or work in Lake Alfred, maybe you’ll recognize the struggle of exiting I-4 at CR 557. With tight off-ramps, exiting can be dangerous. Drivers have to decelerate from 70 miles per hour to take those curves safely, and accidents occur often. New construction plans aim to fix this problem for Lake Alfred and Winter Haven residents.

The Department of Transportation has started a $70.5 million project they plan to finish by the summer of 2023. This project will replace the current ramps with what’s called a “diamond design,” which should be safer. The two-lane overpass will be completely rebuilt to include four lanes, and they will add a wildlife crossing under I-4. All new construction will be able to accommodate—you guessed it—the I-4 Ultimate Project. The Polk County Commission also voted to spend $88 million to widen CR 557 starting in 2023.

The Bright Side

Looking at these projects and their timelines, it seems like it will never end. However, if rebuilding roads can make driving on I-4 safer, it will all be worth it. We’re hoping that the redesigns will also make commuting more enjoyable. Whatever happens, let’s be patient and look at the construction with great expectations for the future!

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