Trucker filling up semi truck at gas station.

We write a lot of about commercial trucks (and truck accidents) here on our blog. Why? The commercial trucking industry plays a huge role in Florida’s economy. Thanks to our ever-increasing population and focus on tourism, we depend on trucks to carry goods and materials across the state line. The drivers who operate these trucks keep our daily lives running smoothly, making sure our stores are stocked with everything we need.

It’s estimated that the United States currently has 8.4 million truckers on our roads. Unfortunately, each of them have felt the impact of rising costs in recent years. As those prices increase, drivers are feeling the pressure, and that could cause an uptick in commercial truck accidents.

How has inflation impacted commercial truck drivers?

Since 2020, the economy has been in a state of change. Costs have risen drastically over the last couple of years, and truckers have felt that as much as, or perhaps more than, anyone else.

Several key ways inflation has impacted these drivers (and led to more truck accidents) include:

Cost of Gas

Gas prices have more than doubled since 2020. Since gas is necessary for transportation of goods via trucks, drivers (or the companies that hire them) have been forced to swallow the increase in cost.

Kyle Royster, a driver from North Carolina who delivers freight to Tampa, said he spent nearly $1,000 to fill his truck on his most recent run. He says,

“That load a couple of years ago may have been a low of $3.50 a mile, but now that same load, maybe $1.50 a mile. That’s how a lot of operators are struggling right now.”

That leads us to our next point. Inflation has impacted how much drivers are making off each trip.

Drop in Pay-per-Mile

As mentioned above, the increase in cost means drivers are making less profit per trip. Becasue their pay-per-mile rate has drastically decreased, many of them are struggling to justify staying in the career, and are choosing to walk away from trucking altogether.

Maintenance Expenses

In addition to gas, the expense of keeping up with maintenance and repairs on commercial trucks has increased as well. Tires, brake work, fluids, electrical components, and even lights have increased in price. Drivers and trucking companies, again, are left to adjust their budget to these rising rates.

Price of Life on The Road

A driver’s life on the road isn’t just about the cost of running their truck. The cost of life on the road includes things like food, personal care items, clothing, shower cards at trucking centers, and more.

Why do increased costs mean an increase in truck accidents in Tampa Bay?

As mentioned above, drivers and trucking companies are the ones feeling the cost of inflation on the road. Why, though, would that mean an increase in truck accidents?

Simply put, financial strain has put more pressure on drivers, and that has led to poorer performance for many of them. With companies extending quotas to make up for higher costs, and self-employed truckers eating the price increases themselves, many drivers are pushing harder than ever before on the road.

trucker yawning with hand over mouth while behind the wheel of semi truck

Drowsiness and falling asleep at the wheel lead to many truck accidents.

This leads to:

  • driver fatigue, drowsiness, and falling asleep at the wheel
  • eating behind the wheel (distracted driving) to save time on the road
  • heavier use of GPS and electronic devices while driving to minimize mileage and maximize efficiency
  • more personal phone use due to long days/weeks away from loved ones

Each of these factors increases the likelihood of a trucker causing a serious accident.

What happens if I’m in a commercial truck accident in Florida?

Commercial trucking accidents are often serious, resulting in severe injuries and/or fatalities. Because they often involve both the at-fault driver and the company he or she is driving for, these cases can be complicated for victims to navigate.

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