hit-and-run drivers bring even worse consequences upon themselves

Being involved in a car, motorcycle or truck accident is difficult and overwhelming enough. When one party chooses to flee the scene, it makes it far worse for everyone involved. I hope you’ve never been unfortunate enough to find yourself in that situation, but sadly it’s all too common. Instead of facing the consequences from the beginning, hit-and-run drivers bring even worse consequences upon themselves.

Tampa Man Arrested After Fleeing Scene of Fatal Motorcycle Crash

A man from Tampa, 35, was arrested this morning for a fatal crash with a motorcyclist that took place at 1am on Monday morning. The crash took place on Interstate 75 near Gibsonton. The Tampa man was driving a Ford pickup when he rear-ended a 23-year-old motorcycle rider. The motorcyclist died at the scene of the accident after being ejected from his bike.

The Tampa man immediately fled the scene of the accident. He was located by sheriff’s deputies a short time after. Alcohol was a factor in the crash, and the 35-year-old driver was arrested and charged with DUI manslaughter and for leaving the scene of a fatal crash.

Hit-and-Run Fatalities Reach Record High

If hit-and-runs weren’t a serious problem, there would be no need for this blog post. Sadly, that’s not the case. They are a very serious and all-too-common problem. The statistics back this up.

  • More than one hit-and-run takes place every minute in the United States
  • Hit-and-run fatalities have increased 7.2% on average every year since 2009
  • There were 2,049 deaths caused by these accidents in 2016, the most recent year we have the full data on. This was the highest number on record.

Can you believe that? More than one a minute!

It’s clear that this is a serious problem in our country. These accidents and deaths disproportionally affect pedestrians and bicyclists. Although it’s clear that it’s a major issue for motorcyclists as well. The drivers involved in these crashes make the situation much worse for themselves by leaving.

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