Thanksgiving week is here, and that means people from all over the country will be heading to see their family and friends. Whether they’re coming here to Central Florida, or are Polk County locals headed out of town, the roads will be filled with heavier-than-usual traffic, and that means a much higher chance of accidents (and injuries) occurring. Obviously, the main thoroughfares that cut through the state of Florida, I-75 and I-95, will be hit heaviest, our local roads will be hit with an increase in traffic as well.

In Winter Haven, we are gearing up for longer commute times, longer waits at traffic lights, and full parking lots during the days ahead. Some of the most commonly congested roads here in our immediate area include:

  • Dundee Road
  • Cypress Gardens Blvd. (LEGOland is a big attraction for visitors!)
  • Cypress Gardens Road
  • Winter Lake Road
  • Highway 27 (known around here as Bloody 27…yikes!)

While we can’t give you a way around the heavy traffic and the headaches that come with it, we do have two simple suggestions for protecting yourself and the ones you love as you travel around town in the days ahead. First, attempt to time your driving slightly earlier/later than the norm. If you’re heading to work in the morning rush, try to leave 30 minutes, or even an hour, early. Not only will you miss the worst of the traffic, but you’ll finally have time to savor your coffee, check your emails, chat with a coworker, or listen to a favorite podcast (like ours!) in your car for a few minutes before you start your day! If you’re hitting the road to head out of town, or heading home after a long day in the office, leaving late can have a lot of benefits as long as you follow basic safety protocol. You’ll miss the traffic, the dangerous “dusk” lighting that is difficult to drive in, and the increased chance of an accident. In addition to the timing, rethink your route during holiday weeks. As a local, you can take advantage of hidden back roads or alternative routes to get where you need to go. These roads will be less populated and will be a faster (and safer) option to get to work, school, or Thanksgiving dinner.

Brooks Law Group is looking forward to celebrating with our loved ones this holiday season. We  would be saddened to know that families in our area didn’t get to do the same because of a senseless vehicle accident. By preparing for heavy traffic and out-of-state motorists ahead of time, you’ll be ready to make the most of your commute and get you, and your family, to your destination safely. If you or someone you love finds themselves facing injuries and damages related to a vehicle accident this holiday season, our team is your resource for getting the justice they deserve and the compensation they need to heal and move forward in life. We offer free, no-obligation consultations, and you don’t pay unless we win. When accidents happen, Look to Brooks!

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