Inside Look By Brooks: “Brooks’ Halloween Bash 2018”

Amanda-Jo Nicholson of the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce joins us today to discuss our upcoming Halloween Bash 2018! For the date (Oct. 25), details, and more, check out this Friday’s Inside Look by Brooks!

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We hope you all choose to join us on October 25th for the annual Halloween Bash at the Brooks Law Group offices!


STEVE: Good afternoon! Thank you for joining me for Friday’s Inside Look By Brooks. Today, we have not only one, but two special guests. We have our own Laura Johnson, our firm administrator, and our special guest today is Amanda-Jo Nicholson from the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce. We asked Amanda to come and join us today because October is the Brooks Law Group month to sponsor the Chamber event that’s coming up. When is it coming up?

AMANDA: It’s this coming Thursday!

STEVE: And where is it going to be?

AMANDA: It’s going to be right here at 123 First Street.

STEVE: Okay, 123 First St. So those of you who have come in the past, you may remember that traditionally we’ve held the Halloween Chamber event in our parking lot. This year, you’re welcome to park in that parking lot and walk to the building next door. We have two buildings– we have a campus here. So park in one parking lot and come to the other campus. It’s actually 105 First St. Park at 123 First St. We’re going to have it inside this year. We’re going to have a few surprises! I think we may even have a little haunted house. Laura, do you want to talk a little bit about the haunted house?

LAURA: Absolutely! So I’m very excited! We have a two-car garage between the two buildings. It’s attached to building 105, it sits facing the 123 parking lot, and we’re working to convert that into a fun little haunted house feel. So it will be a surprise to all of us once we pull it off! But we just wanted to incorporate some Halloween fun into the event! Of course, in addition to the haunted house, we’re doing the costume contest again this year, which has been real popular over the last few years. We’re going to do that for both adults and children! So we want to encourage you to get creative and come out dressed! We’ll plan to judge and present an award to the adult winner and the child winner. Of course, we’ll have goodies for all the children who attend and participate. It’s going to be an exciting time!

STEVE: So, Amanda-Jo, can you give us a clue on what you guys are wearing for costumes?

AMANDA: Oooh, let’s trade secrets, right? Let me just say, we will be fluttering into the event and being very social! So, we’ll leave it cryptic that way! But we’ve been busy planning our costumes, and we’re excited to share this one.

STEVE: One year, didn’t our staff and your staff come as the same– I think it was the Wizard of Oz..

AMANDA: I think we did Wizard of Oz theme, yes! So I checked with Laura this time because they way outdid our costumes completely. So, we’re definitely not doing the same costume this year, but yes, we did Wizard of Oz theme one year, which was super popular. And then we were minions one year, which was very much fun! It’s always exciting to see what everybody comes as.

STEVE: So, are we having door prizes, or..?

AMANDA: Yes, we do! So, we have mystery handshaker door prize to encourage everybody to network with each other. We’ll have one person in the group who is a mystery handshaker. Whoever shakes their hand last wins $25! And then we also have Dr. Michelle Henne, of Releve Sports Medicine, who is putting together a gift basket to give away as a name droppers prize! All of the Chamber members that come, whether you’re in costume or not, if you’ve RSVP’d for the event, we’ll draw your name from the RSVP list and you’ll win a gift basket from them!

STEVE: Wonderful! So, where is the event next month?

AMANDA: So, the next one after this will be on Wednesday, November 14th, and that’s going to be at Cypresswood Golf & Country Club. It’s always a great start to the festive season is the Brooks Law Group event!

STEVE: Yeah, we love it! We enjoy partnering with you guys and doing that. So, it’s next Thursday, October 25th, from 5:30 to 7:00pm. And I think we’re going to have Chick-Fil-A catering.

LAURA: That is correct, yes!

AMANDA: Always a great community partner!

STEVE: Right, exactly, exactly! Anything else you want to add?

AMANDA: No, just that we look forward to seeing everybody here. Please RSVP to your Chamber of Commerce so that we can let these guys know who to expect, and we will see you there!

STEVE: Okay, thank you! And remember, RSVP to be able to be entered for the prize basket. Thanks for joining me today! Next week we’re going to get back on the truck accident series and talk about some of the devastating facts there. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next Friday! Oh, and by the way, if you have any questions, what’s your email?

AMANDA: amanda(at)

STEVE: So, just shoot Amanda your questions. We look forward to seeing you next Thursday! Thank you!

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