Granuflo is widely-prescribed dry acid used to evenly distribute electrolytes during kidney dialysis. According to its manufacturer, Fresenius Medical Care, “ts unique composition of evenly distributed electrolytes is the result of our exacting production technology.” And, finally, the manufacturer’s endorsement: “ith GranuFlo’s distinctive proportional component blend in each bag, you have made the safest choice for onsite concentrate mixing.” Safest choice, they say. That may not be the case, according to the class action lawsuits that are now pending as a result of patients using this drug and achieving less than optimal results.

First, it may be helpful to understand the purpose of dialysis. Dialysis is the process by which either an artificial kidney or dialysate fluid is used as a substitution for the natural process of the kidneys when the kidneys are not properly performing. (A properly functioning kidney prevents excess water, salt and waste from accumulating in the body, helps control blood pressure and regulates important blood chemicals such as sodium and potassium). In the event kidneys fail to properly perform, dialysis can assist with purifying blood and removing waste.

GranuFlo is one of those dialysate fluids to help the kidneys do what they’re supposed to do. Hemodialysis treatment, the type of treatment GranuFlo consists of, involves removing blood from the patient suffering kidney failure and running it through a dialyzer, otherwise known as an artificial kidney. The dialysate, or chemical solution, removes waste and cleanses the blood, which is then pumped back into the patient.

GranuFlo creates bicarbonate, which is a major ingredient in dialysis. However, when excessive bicarbonate accumulates in patients who use GranuFlo, major complications—such as damage to internal organs which has, on occasion, resulted in a patient’s death—can arise as a result of the compounds’ chemical compositions. Lawsuits have been filed against the dialysis manufacturer alleging that the manufacturer knew of the dangers GranuFlo presented, but did nothing to warn and inform the public. These lawsuits allege that, as a result of using GranuFlo, they suffered cardiac arrest, heart attacks, and strokes, which may have led to death or serious injuries in the hospital.

Not surprisingly, Fresenius Medical Care—like many manufacturers accused of producing dangerous products or drugs—has defiantly contested liability and that their products actually caused the injuries the Plaintiffs suffered. Recently, more than 1,800 Granuflo (and NaturaLyte, another Fresenius product) lawsuits have been consolidated in a federal court in Massachusetts. Trials are slated to begin in January and February 2016.

If you have been injured—or a loved one has died—as a result of Granuflo or any other defective product, you have options. Call the skilled attorneys at Brooks Law Group today. We can help determine whether you are entitled to any compensation.

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