There’s something magical about a real Christmas tree. People fall in love with the smell, the uniqueness of its size and shape, and even where it’s missing pieces or has a gap just big enough to hold a favorite oversized ornament. While real trees are certainly magical, they can also be a hassle to get home. In Winter Haven, where tree farms aren’t the norm, and where heavy traffic is, it can be daunting getting your real tree loaded up and safely into your living room after leaving the farmstand or hardware store. Failing to properly secure your Christmas tree for your trip could end up costing you big time in damages and legal fees. Christmas trees coming dislodged from the roof or back end of your vehicle could not only damage your own car, but often lead to accidents with other driver’s as well. You don’t want an accident landing you on the Naughy List this Christmas! Protect yourself when it’s time to haul your Christmas tree by:

  • Wrapping your tree before transport! Almost all sellers offer both twine and heavy duty plastic netting or sheeting for wrapping your tree. When you secure your tree, it becomes aerodynamic, and also makes it easier to fasten securely to the top or back of your car.

Bonus: it protects the branches from wind damage as you travel home!

  • If you have a roof rack, use it! Rather than relying on your half-open trunk or open windows to hold onto your tree, use heavy rope or bungee cords to securely tie down your tree to your roof rack! These racks are meant to hold heavy and cumbersome objects, and give you a better chance of having your tree arrive home safely.
  • Direction matters! Turn the tree with the trunk facing the FRONT of the car. Again, it’s all about aerodynamics!
  • Watch your speed. Drive slowly and use back roads or side roads when possible. Thankfully, between Polk County and nearby rural communities there are many back roads and side streets that interconnect and bring you right back to Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Highway 27, and even US 17! Yes, people might be annoyed if they’re stuck behind you for a bit…but better annoyed drivers behind you than angry drivers ready to exchange insurance information!

If you feel that your vehicle just isn’t up to the challenge of hauling a tree, you have a few options. You can:

  • phone a friend for help. It’s Christmas after all, and the season of giving!
  • ask your tree farm or hardware store about local shipping options
  • opt for artificial this year. There’s no shame in that!

While hauling Christmas trees can cause accidents, more often than not collisions are caused by poor decisions and reckless behavior. If you or someone you love is affected by an accident with a careless driver this Christmas season, we’re ready to take on the fight for you. It’s our goal to get the justice and compensation you deserve. When the unexpected comes your way, Look to Brooks! Call us for your free case review today.

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