Wednesday, October 13, 2010 by Stephen K. Brooks

Celebrities are vulnerable to car accidents like anybody else. Nick Hogan, son of professional wrestler “”Hulk”” Hogan, recently served approximately five and a half months in jail for a FL car crash in August that left his friend, John Graziano, with permanent brain injuries. Graziano was left in a permanent vegetative state, needing medical care for the rest of his life. After the accident and his time in jail, Hogan claims that he wants to “do good.” He has to pay for Graziano’s medical bills and compensate financially for his parent’s loss. Before the horrific crash occurred, Hogan and Graziano were participating in drag racing. This dangerous driving was what led to this tragic outcome.

On March 14, 2009, Cleveland Brown’s wide receiver Donte Stallworth’s vehicle struck and killed pedestrian, Mario Reyes. The man was just getting off work as a crane operator in Miami Beach, when he was struck crossing the street to catch the bus. He died, leaving his wife and teenage daughter. There are unofficial reports from the Miami Herald and local television stations that Stallworth’s blood alcohol content was .12, above the standard of .08 in Florida. Stallworth could face DUI manslaughter charges, sentencing him to a minimum of 15 years in prison.

After the car accidents of celebrities including Hogan and Stallworth, it is apparent that celebrities are not immune from prison sentences and consequences pertaining to driving. In both cases, their actions crossed the line of legality. Hogan was arrested for the underground activity of drag racing and Stallworth faced DUI and manslaughter charges. The tragic consequences of their actions could have been prevented if they had abided by Florida law. Unfortunately, victims were injured and killed along the way. Although many accidents occur due to a lack of visibility, bad weather, and high traffic volume, other incidents may occur if one does not abide by the law. Be sure to understand the consequences of you actions. Celebrities and people in general, will face criminal charges if risks are taken on the road.

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