What do personal injury case managers do?

The personal injury case manager assigned to a client’s file works directly under the direction of the attorney assigned to the file. They work very closely with the attorney and the client to make sure that we follow through with our mission to provide the best client experience possible.

How to choose a personal injury attorney?

Personal injury cases are not limited to vehicle accidents. A Personal Injury case can be caused by a slip and fall, dog bites, and many more. It is important that you find an attorney with a good standing at the Florida Bar as well as exemplary recognition throughout your state (such as awards, community outreach)….

How long will my personal injury case take to settle?

When your case is most likely to settle? Once you know your medical diagnosis and after you know all the responsible parties. Don’t settle before you know your medical diagnosis and the identity of all the responsible parties. While your case can be settled at any time, the next most logical time to settle the…

What should I include in a demand to an insurance company for a personal injury claim?

Once you have determined the insurance coverages available and obtained all medical records and bills, you must set forth the reason why the insurance company should pay a reasonable amount to resolve the claim. You must establish the elements of negligence: liability, causation, and damages.

Why hiring a personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer can handle the details. Injury attorneys can level the playing field. An experienced lawyer can prevent errors. Personal injury attorneys know what your case is worth. No fee unless you win.