emergency medical responders load injured patient into back of ambulance on stretcher

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in the United States, challenged only by poisoning and falls. That means all of us have likely been impacted, either directly or indirectly, by a vehicle collision at some point in our lives. Being prepared and knowing what to do immediately following an accident is important for anyone on the road.

Calling first responders, getting to a safe place, and evaluating the scene are some of the first things you should do in a collision. For those who are seriously injured, getting emergency medical help is an obvious next step. Should you still get medical help if you don’t appear hurt?


Why should I get medical attention even if I don’t seem injured?

You must understand that not all injuries show up externally, or immediately. That means you could end up in a serious situation. An injury that is left unattended could lead to long-term health consequences, or worse, death.

Some of the most commonly overlooked injuries in car accidents include:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain injuries (TBIs) are frequently missed in the hours, days, and even weeks following an accident. Even minor head trauma, like concussions, can have long-lasting consequences for your health. Serious TBIs can lead to seizures, brain bleeds, strokes, swelling, and more. This can impact your mental and physical health in the aftermath of your car accident.

Back Trauma and Whiplash

woman of color rubs back of neck while looking at phone after car accident

Whiplash can happen in even minor car accidents.

Car accident victims report whiplash, neck injuries, and back trauma most frequently after the initial accident investigation is underway. That’s because these injuries aren’t always evident at the moment of the collision. Rather, the swelling and inflammation can build up over days and weeks, and lead to severe pain for victims. Symptoms can be as mild as neck stiffness or mild back cramping, to excruciating and debilitating pain. Depending on the severity, victims may find themselves unable to work, care for themselves and their families, or even hospitalized.

Internal injuries

Internal injuries might not be evident at the time of an accident. You have to pay attention to bruising or soreness from seatbelts, airbags, etc. as these can cause internal damage that worsens over time. Internal damage can impact organs, blood vessels, and other soft tissues.

If you notice anything “off” with your body, reach out to your doctor or emergency medical care immediately. Getting help quickly is important for your health, and important for your legal case. Proactivity is best!

What is the importance of medical attention to my case?

You should receive medical attention promply after your accident. Immediate action is vital to your health and wellness. Additionally, it’s important for your legal case against the at-fault party(ies) in your collision.

Failing to seek out medical care after an accident has a variety of negative impacts on your case, including:

  • you may forfeit your ability to file a claim due to statutes of limitation in Florida
  • other parties could question your credibility based on lack of action
  • accident attorneys overseeing your claim could struggle with a lack of medical records needed to build a strong case

When you sustain an injury in an accident, no matter how serious, you need to receive medical attention from a qualified professional. Those records could be vital to your case.

How do I know which records I need? Who can help?

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