Hurricane Claim Denial

Severe weather is an annual occurrence in Central Florida, and hurricanes are a way of life. Unfortunately, these storms leave behind a path of destruction and residents are forced to grapple with damages to their homes and businesses, injuries, loss of possessions, and more. The worst part? Victims aren’t able to grieve their losses in peace, and they can’t rest in the security of knowing their insurance company will be there for them. Hurricane claim denial is a big issue for home and business owners, and insurance providers in Florida are notorious for stalling, or outright denying, insurance claims related to hurricanes. Some of the things they might refuse to cover include:

  • A new roof. Many providers attempt to get out of giving you a new roof by requiring that you use their own contractors who have the company’s best interest at heart instead of yours. They’ll tell you the damage isn’t bad enough to warrant a whole new roof, and you’ll be left with a roof repair that wasn’t built to last.
  • Mold testing and remediation. A hurricane causes water to find its way into any crack or crevice present in your home. If severe enough, they’ll cause their own cracks and crevices to send water through. Unfortunately this can lead to water accumulation under flooring (even carpet!), around windows, along baseboards, and anywhere else compromised during the storm. When water gets in, and then the space can’t fully dry, you get mold. If you experienced any water damage in a storm, having your home tested for mold, and having remediation done if mold is present, is vital for your health and safety. Unfortunately, your insurance company might not always see it that way, and could deny your claim for having these services provided.
  • Damage to your vehicles and/or possessions. Having your possessions (including your car) underballed in your insurance payout is a common problem. Keeping inventory of your home, and knowing what your items are worth, is a huge part of being prepared. Don’t let your insurance company take advantage of you during this already vulnerable time.

The team at Brooks Law Group is experienced in representing clients in and around Winter Haven in their fight against their insurance company regarding hurricane claim denial. You’ve worked for years to pay for your insurance coverage, and you don’t deserve to be left holding the bill when you need their help the most. Our attorneys stand in your corner and make it our goal to get the justice and compensation you are entitled to. We offer FREE consultations, with no obligation to you. Schedule yours now and see why Polk County residents Look to Brooks after every storm.

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