man wearing hard hat falling backwards off ladder with drill in hand.

Having an accident on the road, while playing a sport, or even while working in your yard might be expected, but for many of us, work is a safe place. For some employees though, the signs of a risky workplace are all around them each day. Would you know what to look for to protect yourself?

Employers and business oners have a responsibility to take care of the staff in their care. When they don’t, accidents can happen.

What are the signs of a risky workplace?

Sometimes signs of workplace dangers are easy to spot, but more often than not they’re subtle. Employees should watch for:

1. Failure to promote safety culture in the office or on the job site.

Safety culture means employers and managers are leading by example. When they decide to skip over safety manuals or leave employees to “figure it out on their own”, you might experience:

Lack of training

Trainings are when employers share safety protocols, cautionary procedures, and stress the importance of safety. When these trainings don’t happen, accidents do.

No safety meetings

When accidents do happen, safety meetings should be held ASAP to discuss hazards, how things could be done differently, and reassure staff that they are safe. Key signs of a risky workplace are a lack of these meetings and sweeping incidents under the rug when they do occur.

2. No workplace maintenance

Responsible business owners take pride in the upkeep of their business for both aesthetics and safety. Employers that fail to maintain their space or job site leave their staff subject to risks. Signs of poor maintenance are most often:

Lack of cleanliness and organization

A dirty space isn’t just an eyesore. Bacteria, poor air quality, and even mold exposure can happen when spaces aren’t properly or regularly cleaned. Excess clutter and lack of storage can fall under this category as well, as they have the potential to lead to:

  • tripping and falling
  • fire risk
  • excess dust and allergens
  • impact injuries from items falling from above/beside an individual

Structural damage to a space

This one is more self-explanatory. Structural damage such as missing stair rails, poorly marked step-ups or step-downs, pest damage, water damage, etc. frequently cause injuries and are signs of a risky workplace.

3. Few (or No) Health and Safety Protocols

Employers who fail to provide or enforce safety protocols create a risky workplace for their employees and themselves. Some key signs that a business owner is failing to implement safety standards in his or her business might be:

No Personal Protective Equipment

The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial to employee safety. Addition signs of a risky workplace are a lack of PPE, or the failure to enforce PPE usage when provided. Safety glasses, hard hats, steel-toed boots, and hearing protection are just a few of the PPE accommodations frequently seen on the job.

No provisions for employee health and wellness

woman rubs wrist with pain while sitting at desk with keyboard.

Employers should make provisions for the health and wellness of their staff.

No, we aren’t encouraging employees to require nutritious snacks or a juice bar in the office. However, employee well-being should concern employers. If there are ways a workspace can better support the health of the staff, a responsible business owner will attempt to make those improvements. A simple example might be upgrading to more ergonomic seating and desk stations to avoid back and neck strain for office staff.

Avoiding safety inspections

While certain types of safety inspections are required for a business to remain legal in Florida, the depth of these inspections can vary. If you’re working for a business owner who attempts to avoid regular inspections or cover up evidence of poor health and safety conditions, chances are you’re in a risky workplace.

Failure to report incidents

Employers are required by law to report accidents in the workplace. Employers failing to report accidents on the job aren’t just doing an injustice to their staff…they’re breaking the law.

A risky workspace led to my injury. Now what?

Work accidents aren’t uncommon. OSHA reported that in 2022 alone, a worker died from a work-related incident and/or injury every 96 minutes. That staggering statistic is fatalities only and doesn’t cover injuries alone.

Accidents at work can, and do, frequently happen to employees throughout Tampa Bay. So what should you do if you’ve been injured on the job?

First, it’s important to understand what work injuries can look like. A few common scenarios we see as personal injury attorneys are…

  • slip and fall injuries like concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, or back injuries
  • impact injuries from falling objects or malfunctioning equipment
  • collision injuries from equipment or vehicles
  • health complications from toxic exposure – this includes chemical exposure, poor air quality, and toxic mold

Once you know your injury has a chance of being classified as a work-related case, you need to reach out to an experienced attorney to guide your next steps.

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