Florida and much of the Southeastern United States was hit by Hurricane Matthew. This storm caused massive amount of damage to homes and businesses. If Hurricane Matthew damaged your home or business and your Insurance Claim is being denied or the insurance company’s payout is too small contact our offices immediately. Below are several steps to take if you or a loved one was affected by this devastating storm:

  1. Call the Brooks Law Group
    Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They want to settle your claim for as cheap as possible. For over 24 years we have made insurance companies pay what is rightfully owed to our clients. Our firm has handled hurricane claims in the past and our clients have recovered damages even when the insurance company first denied the claim.
  2. Take Pictures!!
    Taking a lot of pictures will help capture all the damage to your house or office along with any damage to your yard or property. If you have any pictures of your home or office before the storm keep those as well so we can show the insurance company exactly how this storm damaged your property. Also take pictures of any damage to personal property that was a result of Matthew.
  3. Document Your Damages:
    Along with taking pictures of the damage keep a log of all damage you have incurred. Keep track of not only property damage but any personal property that was damaged due to the storm. This log will be helpful in getting you fully compensated for your damage.
  4. Contact Your Insurance Company:
    Pursuant to your policy you have a duty to contact your insurance company after the storm to report any damage as well as make a claim. Refer to the specific policy language. You will be asked to describe your damage and it is very important to include all damage and a description of the property involved.
  5. Make Sure a Licensed Adjuster Performs Your Inspection
    Insurance companies will be overwhelmed with claims after a storm. This will lead them to prioritize claims. Some insurance companies will want to have the inspection done over the Internet. This is not enough. You need to insist the insurance company send a licensed adjuster to your property to perform a detailed inspection.
  6. Do Not Sign Any Releases:
    Even if the insurance company writes you a check do not sign any releases. By signing a release, you may be forfeiting compensation for additional, undiscovered damage.
  7. Hire a Public Adjuster
    Public adjusters are trained in property insurance and the insurance company realizes hiring a public adjuster will cause them to actually do their job. Often claim payments for policyholders that did not hire a public adjuster are lower than those that did.
  8. Keep Damaged Property:
    Most people will want to rebuild and get rid of any things destroyed due to the storm. Insurance companies have to see the damage to asset the damage. Do not get rid of anything until you have written confirmation from the insurance company that it is ok to get rid of the item.

If your home or office was damaged due to Hurricane Matthew or someone you know was affected call the Brooks Law Group (863) 299-1962 or 1-888-WE-MEAN-It. We want to help!

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