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Few types of accidents cause the devastating effects that pedestrian collisions do. Sadly, Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports 10,291 pedestrian accidents in Florida in the last year (2023) alone. Our state is currently the second most dangerous for pedestrians in the nation. That is an alarming number of victims, and it’s frustrating to know that many of their injuries or deaths could have been prevented. The Tampa Bay metropolitan area was a key contributor to this statistic. As Tampa Bay’s trusted pedestrian accident and injury attorneys, this topic must be explored further. We’re raising awareness for pedestrian safety and advocating for victims and their families.

What constitutes pedestrian accidents in Florida?

By definition, a pedestrian is anyone outside the confines of a vehicle. This means they do not have:

  • protection from a vehicle’s structure
  • protection from a seatbelt or restraint system
  • protection from airbags
  • any additional safety features to shield them from impact

A pedestrian does not have to be on foot only. Individuals on skateboards, using roller skates, or even riding a bicycle all fall under our pedestrian laws.

Therefore, a collision with anyone that meets the above criteria would be grouped with pedestrian accidents in Florida.

Where do pedestrian collisions happen the most?

Within our state, the most common places pedestrian accidents occur are:


Crosswalks should be one of the safest places for pedestrians attempting to cross a street. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Countless people fall victim to crosswalk accidents because of distracted driving, speeding, or driver impairment.

Parking Lots

Pedestrian accidents in Florida commonly occur in parking lots. Because of the close quarters, and combination of moving vehicles and people on foot, the environment is ripe for pedestrian collisions.


Sidewalks exist for foot traffic, so they’re safe, right? Wrong. Speeding, drunk drivers, distracted driving, and even foul weather can lead to vehicle collisions with pedestrians while they are on sidewalks.

Essentially, a pedestrian accident occurs wherever a vehicle strikes an individual who is not in a vehicle.

What causes the majority of pedestrian accidents in Florida?

yellow and black pedestrian crossing sign against blue sky

Drivers ignoring signs like these leads to many pedestrian accidents in Florida

While pedestrian accidents have a variety of causes, we most frequently see:

  • pedestrians hit by impaired drivers. This includes impairment due to alcohol, drug use, or fatigue.
  • pedestrians hit by speeding drivers. High speeds require longer stopping distances, and many drivers don’t have time to stop before it’s too late.
  • pedestrians hit by drivers backing up. In today’s era with backup cameras, alarms, and advanced mirror systems, there is no excuse for pedestrian collisions while backing up. Simply not looking or being distracted behind the wheel are the primary reasons these accidents continue to happen.
  • pedestrians hit by drivers ignoring traffic laws. This includes failing to heed signage (yield, stop, pedestrian crossing, children playing, etc.) or understanding pedestrian laws related to the right of way.

Regardless of the reason, pedestrian accidents in Florida lead to a tragic loss of life or lifelong health complications for many each year.

I was hit by a car in Tampa Bay. What’s next?

If you are the victim of a pedestrian collision in or around the Tampa Bay area, there are key steps to take ASAP.

Immediately seek medical attention.

Injuries aren’t always apparent at the scene of an accident. You must seek medical help right away from an emergency room or your private doctor after being hit by a vehicle of any kind. Victims sustain injuries like:

  • traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • spinal cord injuries
  • neck and back injuries
  • broken bones
  • amputations
  • long-term nerve damage
  • scarring due to road rash or lacerations
  • internal damage (and resulting internal bleeding)

Not only does immediate medical attention protect your health, but it also protects your potential case. Defense attorneys often try to claim victims’ injuries weren’t severe enough to warrant compensation or were caused by circumstances other than the accident. Seeking medical care ASAP after the collision gives you the paper trail you need to stand up in court.

Get evidence!

If possible, document the scene of the accident. If you aren’t able ask a friend or family member to get photos, video footage, and any other documentation related to the collision. Pay special attention to traffic signs and controls, crosswalks, skid marks, location of witnesses, weather conditions, etc.

Get in touch with your insurance company.

Your auto insurance provider needs to be aware of the accident. In some cases, you could be eligible for coverage under your policy following a pedestrian accident.

Find an experienced attorney.

A lawyer with experience representing pedestrian accident victims is key. They will be most likely to get the compensation you need. This compensation can cover things like your:

  • medical expenses
  • lost income
  • wrongful death damages
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of consortium (for affected spouse and family members)

When facing damages like those listed above, you can’t settle for less than maximum compensation. That’s why it’s important to find a pedestrian accident attorney with the skills, experience, and resources to win your case.

Victims of Pedestrian Collisions in Florida trust Brooks Law Group

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