man with broken arm in cast after car accident

Two weeks ago, on May 20, another accident made the news on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. A sedan, pickup truck, and motorcycle were all involved in the 3-vehicle crash, leaving four people hospitalized. Unfortunately, accidents like this occur in and around Tampa Bay every day. In multi-vehicle crashes like this one though, the case for victims can be complicated. Many victims wonder how they should proceed with filing claims and getting legal help. While the “at-fault” driver didn’t actually hit them, they were the cause of the accident and resulting injuries.

Situations like this are a great reminder of why it’s so important to get in touch with a local, experienced injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.

How can an injury lawyer help me after my accident?

After an accident of any kind, you must focus on your medical needs and recovery. However, during these early days following your injuries, evidence is easier to gather and witnesses will prove most useful. This is the prime time to call your chosen attorney or begin to research injury lawyers in your area.

In this initial phase of building a case following your accident, an experienced lawyer can help with:

  • gathering evidence
  • interviewing witnesses
  • speaking with accident reconstruction experts (if applicable)
  • speaking with law enforcement
  • speaking with insurance companies on your behalf

All of these tasks remove the stress of hurrying into a case from your shoulders, and let you prioritize your health and healing first and foremost.

Why is it best to have an experienced injury lawyer represent me in court?

Injury lawyers understand car accidents and how they impact victims. They provide many beneficial services for victims of car accidents, including

Time and stress savings

Building a case after a car accident is a long process. There are many complicated steps, and continual setbacks, that leave victims feeling stressed and overwhelmed. An experienced lawyer is

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is the best decision you can make after your car accident!

more efficient, maximizing time and minimizing stress for you from the first consultation to the day you reach a settlement.

Dealing with insurance companies

Insurance companies are notorious for under-balling claims for victims and failing to pay what is owed. A lawyer who knows and understands these loopholes will make sure you’re protected and will fight for the compensation to which you’re entitled.


You have to know when it’s right to settle in a car accident case. Having an attorney who provides an objective view is invaluable, as he or she can give insight not based on feelings or personal ties to the case. Amazingly, this objective point of view often leads to you getting a better settlement than you would otherwise in the long run.

Legal expertise and understanding your rights

Much like understanding the loopholes that come with insurance companies, experienced injury lawyers thoroughly understand your rights. They know fully how the law applies to you and your case. Brooks Law Group has a full grasp of victims’ rights in Florida and we use that knowledge to drive your case forward and get the help you need.

Negotiation and litigation

Knowing how to negotiate on behalf of our client is a necessary skill. We bring carefully thought-out strategy to the negotiation table and counter with the other party(ies) to achieve the best outcome.

Additional legal connections

In some cases, victims require help from medical specialists, therapists, and other professionals who provide needed services following an accident. Your lawyer can suggest connections from their own network of providers. Your legal team trusts these professionals to support your case and help you get the outcome you need.

Who represents car accident victims in Tampa Bay?

The team at Brooks Law Group serves both Polk and Hillsborough County with professional, efficient, and compassionate legal representation. We stand for accident victims throughout the Tampa Bay area. When you need an experienced injury attorney, all you have to do is book your free initial consultation with us. From that point forward, we’re dedicated to getting the compensation you need and deserve to move forward and heal after your accident.

Brooks Law Group operates on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t pay unless we WIN.

When you want representation you can count on after your accident, Look to Brooks.

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