commercial vehicle accident

Sharing the road with commercial vehicles can sometimes be dangerous. In fact, in 2016 alone, there were about 475,000 police-reported accidents that involved large trucks. Trucking accidents are pretty common and can often result in severe damage, both property damage and injuries. And unfortunately, unlike car accidents, it’s not always clear who is at fault for truck accidents. So let’s explore a few different parties that may be held accountable for compensation in semi truck accident cases.

The Driver

Like other vehicle accidents, the truck driver can be at fault for an accident. Distracted driving, driving while fatigued, and failing to comply with traffic laws can all result in the truck driver themselves being responsible for causing an accident. Truck drivers have a much bigger responsibility than other drivers on the road due to their larger vehicle. So if they fail to meet their responsibilities as a commercial truck driver, they may have to compensate for damages caused in an accident.

The Manufacturer

Sometimes, a truck driver can do everything right, but if something is wrong with the truck itself, they may still end up getting in an accident. If something was defective with the truck, like the brakes, headlights, or the steering system, the truck manufacturer may be held accountable. Furthermore, if someone was in charge of inspecting or repairing the truck, they may face charges as well.

The Trucking Company

Along with drivers of commercial vehicles, the company they work for could also be liable for an accident. All trucking companies are responsible for doing thorough background checks on all of their drivers, ensuring their drivers a properly trained, and making sure their drivers aren’t over-scheduled. So if something was done incorrectly, like failing to ensure the driver had the right credentials before driving, the company itself may be held responsible for the accident.

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As you can see, there may be more than one party responsible for a commercial truck accident. So if you’re ever involved in a truck accident, make sure you hire a truck accident attorney who has the knowledge and experience needed to help you prove fault.

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