The recent multi-vehicle crash on I-75 claimed the life of one Ohio man. The accident that happened in the morning near Bruce B. Downs Boulevard involved several vehicles, including two commercial vehicles transporting mobile homes that were stopped on the right shoulder. The driver of one of these transport trucks had exited and was standing outside when he was struck by one of the other vehicles involved in the crash. Unfortunately, he was killed, and several others involved in the accident were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries according to officers. No names have been released at this time, but our thoughts are with the families of all involved.

If you find yourself forced to park alongside a major highway, or even a local street, what would you do? A few common answers:

  • Stay in the car and wait for help.
  • Stand outside the car and flag down other drivers.
  • Stand in front of the car and take a look under the hood.

Each of these answers might seem to make sense, but in reality, they put your life in serious danger. When you are forced to bring your vehicle to rest alongside a road, you should never stay inside the car, or even near the vehicle, but instead should move as far off the shoulder of the road as possible and put distance between yourself and your vehicle. If possible, stand far away from the shoulder and attempt to keep a guard rail or other obstacle between you and the road. This way, if another vehicle happened to swerve and hit your parked car, or if they ran off the road, you wouldn’t become a victim of the secondary collision. Once safely away from the road, call for assistance. AAA, the local police, or even your car insurance provider are all good resources for having your vehicle towed, having emergency assistance sent out, and getting you and your car to safety.

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