American flag flying on back of boat driving across lake with sunset in background

The 4th of July is this week, and we’re all ready to enjoy the holiday with our favorite festivities. While freedom is something to be celebrated, it doesn’t mean you’re free from all rules and precautions. Unfortunately, 4th of July accidents are common. What’s more, they’re preventable.

What are the most common accidents on the 4th of July?

From travel to turning burgers on the grill, the 4th is celebrated in big ways across our nation. Emergency workers know it’s also a hot night for a wide variety of accidents, the most common being:

Drinking and driving

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a celebratory beverage or two on the 4th, but you should never get behind the wheel of any vehicle after consuming alcohol. In 2022 alone, 40% of fatal accidents that happened on the 4th of July were drunk-driving crashes.

golf carts parked beside each other, decorated for 4th of July

Drunk driving includes golf carts!

Don’t assume that drunk driving only refers to cars or trucks. Consuming alcohol means you must avoid driving or operating:

  • vehicles
  • boats
  • golf carts
  • ATVs
  • side-by-side vehicles
  • motorcycles

Injuries Caused by Fireworks

Fireworks are a popular Independence Day pastime for Americans of all ages. While fun, they can also be very dangerous. This danger is magnified due to factors like alcohol, lack of precaution, and failure to use protective gear. 4th of July accidents related to fireworks frequently involve burns and eye (facial) injuries, so protective glasses and gloves are suggested. If you plan to use fireworks at your 4th of July festivities, remember to:

  1. Keep all pets and children far away from the area where fireworks will be launched
  2. Wear protective gear while setting up and launching fireworks
  3. Have water nearby in case of fire


According to experts, July has the highest number of drowning deaths in the US. Drowning continues to top the list as the leading cause of death for little ones between ages 1 and 4. These sobering statistics can be changed, but it requires vigilance. If you and your family will be spending time around the water this holiday, remember…

Life jackets save lives

There’s nothing better than watching the fireworks over the lake from a boat, but only if it’s done safely! As you head out on the water, ensure all passengers wear appropriately-fitted life jackets. This single piece of safety equipment saves hundreds of lives each year.

Drowning is silent

Unlike the movies, drowning doesn’t always involve yelling for help or excessive splashing. Drowning is often silent, which is why it claims so many young victims. When you’re near a pool, a lake, or a retention pond, be sure little ones are under constant supervision. For older kids, implement a buddy system in the pool or lake. Taking a few simple steps of prevention can save a lifetime of heartache.

Fire Safety

Nothing beats a hot dog cooked over the fire pit, or a burger fresh off the grill. While those flames produce some delicious 4th of July food, fire is another common cause of 4th of July accidents. Keep young children and pets away from open flames and hot surfaces, and don’t consume excessive alcohol if you’ll be using the grill or spending time around the fire pit this holiday.

Pedestrian Collisions

Pedestrians are out in full force on the 4th of July, especially during the late evening hours. As you head out for parties, festivals, and fireworks displays, keep a close eye out for people on foot. Small children can easily dart out from between cars, and crowded sidewalks could leave people walking on the edges of roadways. Stay alert, drive slowly, and protect the pedestrians around you.

Who should I call if I’m involved in an accident?

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