fully loaded car hauler rig with sunset in background

Brooks Law Group is your go-to source for legal counsel regarding truck accidents. In our Struck by a Truck series, we’ve covered all kinds of commercial vehicles, from big rigs to work vans, and in this segment, we’re tackling car hauler accidents.

What is a car hauler?

These oversized rigs are meant to carry multiple vehicles at once. They are used to transport new or used cars to sales lots, totaled cars to junk yards or auctions, and even personal cars for someone’s collection. Regardless of why they’re hauling them, these trucks bear a heavy, and dangerous load.

Are car hauler accidents more dangerous than other commercial truck collisions?

While the specifics of each accident vary, in general, yes they are. Many factors make these trucks more dangerous than some of their commercial counterparts. The most common being:


These trucks are large, and have heavy-duty cargo capability, making them heavy on their own. When you add 8, 10, or even 12 additional full-sized cars, the overall weight can easily reach 55,000 pounds or more! This much weight increases stopping distance, puts more strain on the brakes, and makes these vehicles increasingly dangerous in poor weather conditions like heavy rain or high wind.


Because they are carrying such large cargo, and due to the scale of the hauler itself, many car hauler accidents happen due to poor visibility. Drivers can easily miss a vehicle coming alongside their rig while changing lanes, or turning in front of them at intersections.


loaded car hauler driving down highway photographed from air

Car hauler accidents often happen due to the top-heaviness of the rig.

A huge percentage of car hauler accidents are due to the top-heaviness of these rigs. Their unsteady center of gravity leaves them vulnerable to a long list of issues on the road.

Shifting of Cargo

Whether due to weight distribution, or poor loading, when the weight of a vehicle shifts on a car hauler, it can lead to an accident.

What kinds of accidents are most common with car haulers?

Car hauler accidents aren’t seen every day. Unfortunately, when they do happen, the results are often catastrophic. The most commonly seen accidents with these trucks are:

  • overturning due to the poor center of gravity
  • crush accidents: this happens when an unsecured vehicle comes loose, crushing vehicles behind, beside, or in front of the car hauler
  • rear-end collisions because of weather, brake trouble, and/or lack of stopping distance. This happened recently in Spartanburg County, S.C. killing 5 people.
  • side collisions due to poor visibility

Who can help me after a collision with a car hauler?

Accidents involving car haulers can be complicated. These collisions involve many parties, including the company that owns the cars being transported. Having an experienced truck accident lawyer is crucial after your accident.

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