Collisions between two cars in Tampa and across Florida happen in different ways – head to head, side to head, rear end and side to side. The way the accident happened can directly determine the type of injuries and the ease or difficulty in proving liability. The causes for each type of accident are also different.

Types of car accident collisions

Rear-End collisions

These accidents usually occur because a driver was going too fast or because he/she was distracted such as by texting while driving. The damage to the cars usually indicates exactly how the accident happened. Damage to the rear of one car and to the front of another car screams “read-end” collision. Common injuries to the driver or passengers in the car that was rear-ended are soft tissue injuries and whiplash. On occasion, a rear-end collision can cause a chain reaction of collisions. Each of the additional cars in the claim will have a claim against the original car owner and driver – the one who was going too fast or was distracted. The damage to the cars can be significant but rarely causes the car to be totaled.

Head-to-Head collisions

There’s really no excuse for these collisions. One driver was clearly in the wrong. They happen because someone was drunk or lost control of the car because of speeding or improper lane changes or distraction. Injuries in these auto collisions can be deadly. The combined speed of the cars creates enormous energy which often causes death or serious permanent injuries. A proper police investigation or traffic reconstruction expert can determine fault. At least one, often both, cars are totaled.

Side-to-Head-on collisions

These are also referred to as right-angle collisions or T-bone collisions. Here the front of one car drives into the side of the other car. The car with the damage to the front is often the one at fault. These accidents can often be fatal, leading to a wrongful death action. They’re fatal or catastrophic because the driver or passenger in the car that was struck in the side has little protection – such as the hood or trunk of the automobile. For those victims who survive, injuries include broken bones, head trauma, neurological damage and soft tissue damage. These injuries can be permanent. Often both cars are totaled.


These accidents happen often during lane changes, a failure to yield or because a driver was trying to get out of the way of a head to head or head to side collision. These damages, while they can be severe or even deadly, are probably less serious than the head-on varieties. Here, it’s harder to tell how the accident happened. The testimony of the drivers and witnesses, the type of car damage, police reports and accident reconstruction may all be needed to prove fault.

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