Over Christmas weekend, Florida experienced some unseasonably cold temperatures, and some locations even got ice! While that’s almost unheard of here in the Tampa area, it does occasionally happen, and as many driver’s experienced and will continue to experience during this cold snap, driving in freezing temperatures can be complicated.

Some things to watch out for as you head out for your work commute, holiday activities, or errands include:

  • Bridges! Bridges are colder than the regular road surface due to their being air circulating underneath. This causes any moisture to freeze more quickly, and stay frozen longer, making bridges much more likely to have hazardous black ice. Beware!
  • Puddles and standing water. Water on the roadway, or along the edges of the roadway, will likely be frozen during this kind of weather. Be aware of water on the road, and avoid it if possible. If you can’t avoid it, drive slowly and steadily over it, and abstain from sudden braking as this could cause you to slide.
  • Wind. When cold weather comes, wind usually comes with it. Maintain control of your car by keeping both hands on the wheel and staying aware of your surroundings, and be prepared for wind gusts that could make the roads more difficult to manage.

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