Camp Lejeune claim deadline is August 10th!

The Camp Lejeune toxic water lawsuit is now widely recognized. Hundreds of veterans, government employees, and their families have come forward after being impacted by health conditions related to this exposure, and they’re fighting for the justice and assistance they deserve.

Originally opened in 2022, the two-year window to file is beginning to close. Have you completed your claim? There’s still time!

The claim deadline for the Camp Lejeune toxic water lawsuit is August 10!

There are just a few short weeks left until your opportunity to file a claim under the Camp Lejeune toxic water lawsuit. The current deadline is August 10, and we don’t want to see eligible victims miss their chance to get help. Trials started for these cases in 2024, and will continue for the foreseeable future as these claims are processed. The government has set aside an estimated $21 billion for Camp Lejeune claims. So far, over $14 million has been distributed to eligible victims.

Does part of that payout apply to you?

What are the steps to filing a Camp Lejeune claim?

Knowing the appropriate steps is crucial to completing and filing your claim before the deadline. If you’re just beginning the process, here’s a handy step-by-step guide!

Determine Your Eligibility

Individuals wanting to file a claim in the Camp Lejeune toxic water lawsuit must determine their eligibility first.

  • Victims must have been present at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune or the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in New River, NC
  • Victims must have served at either of the above two locations between August 1, 1953, and December 31, 1987
  • Victims must not have a dishonorable discharge on their record
  • Victims must have a diagnosis of 1 or more conditions related to the Camp Lejeune toxic water lawsuit

If the criteria deem you eligible to file, it’s time to start the paperwork!

File a Claim!

While eligible individuals can file a claim online, by mail, or in person on their own, it’s recommended that you seek help from an experienced attorney. Legal firms that have experience with Camp Lejeune claims can expedite the process and increase your chances of receiving a settlement.

man's arm with IV, in hospital bed

Are you or someone you love suffering after toxic water exposure at Camp Lejeune?

You’ll need to have your military records showing your dates and location of service, as well as all medical paperwork concerning any and all Camp Lejeune presumptive conditions. These conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • bladder cancer
  • breast cancer
  • kidney cancer
  • infertility (female)
  • esophageal cancer
  • hepatic steatosis
  • leukemia
  • lung cancer
  • miscarriage
  • lymphoma
  • renal toxicity
  • scleroderma
  • multiple myeloma
  • neurological and neurobehavioral effects
  • myelodysplastic syndromes

Your claim goes to the office of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Wait for a Decision

Once you file your claim, you must wait for a decision. You should receive this in 180 days or less. If you are denied, or if you fail to hear a response before the 180 day timeline, you’ll need to discuss your options with your attorney or explore options for yourself. Some victims continue forward with a civil lawsuit. Again, it’s best to work with an experienced attorney for best results.

Negotiations Begin

Lots of negotiation takes place in between receiving your decision and taking your claim to court. Your attorney (or you) will need to advocate for your best interest and work hard to secure a settlement that meets your many medical needs, funeral expenses, and other costs related to damages listed in the Camp Lejeune toxic water lawsuit.

Go to Court

If your initial claim was denied, and you’ve been negotiating a civil lawsuit, you’ll need to take the case to court on your own, or with the help of a Camp Lejeune lawyer.

What factors affect my Camp Lejeune claim?

Various factors go into determining settlements in the Camp Lejeune toxic water lawsuit. These include:

  • the type of damages sustained
  • whether or not wrongful death is part of your claim
  • the extent of pain and suffering related to your toxic water exposure
  • the prognosis of your diagnosed illness
  • medical expenses and financial damages accrued due to your time at Camp Lejeune during the aforementioned dates

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