National Day of Prayer May 2 WInter Haven

Easter may have come and gone, but May holds another faith-based event ahead of us. The first Thursday of May is a nationally recognized day of prayer for our country. We welcome you to join us at our First Street office on May 2nd at 8:00am for a public prayer session for our country. The day of prayer will take place at 105 First Street N from 8-8:30am. For more information, visit our location page on the National Day of Prayer website.

What is the National Day of Prayer?

The National Day of Prayer takes place on the first Thursday of May every year, and it invites people from all religious backgrounds to join in prayer for our country. It was first created in 1952 by Congress and was signed into law by Harry S. Truman. Since 1952, every President has signed a proclamation for the National Day of Prayer.

The first call of prayer took place in 1775. The Continental Congress asked each colony to pray for the wisdom needed to form a nation. Since this first prayer, Americans have made it a priority to join together in seeking the wisdom required to keep our country thriving.

The mission:

  • The National Day of Prayer exists to mobilize unified public prayer for America

How Can You Get Involved?

First, you might want to learn a little bit more about this event. Visit the official website to learn more about the history and message behind this unique annual event. You can find great information on how the event started, what it means to its participants and find local organizations who are hosting the Day of Prayer this year.

You’re more than welcome to join our staff at the Brooks Law Group offices. We will be opening our doors to those who wish to participate, and we hope to see members of our community take part with us this year.

To learn more about the Brooks Law Group event, you can visit the page we’ve set up on the National Day of Prayer website. If you have any questions about taking part this year, give us a call at (863) 299-1962. You can also reach out to Randall Johnson, who will be leading this year’s event, at [email protected].

We hope to see you there!

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