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Many people are spending more time at home as the COVID-19 pandemic surges on. In Florida, that means chances are high that families are making good use of the backyard pool. More use means that the pool filter will need more frequent cleaning and maintenance — but be careful if you’re planning to do it yourself (DIY).

Accidents involving exploding pool filters are more common than many homeowners realize. The investigative team at ABC Action News in Pinellas County recently found just a handful of cases of exploding pool filters documented in federal records since 2015. But the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled nearly 9,000 filters made by two manufacturers just in the last 15 years. There are also indications that many incidents of exploding pool filters simply go unreported, according to the report.

Filter explosions can cause severe bodily injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), deep facial cuts, broken bones, blindness, and even death. If you were hurt in an accident involving an exploding pool filter in Winter Haven, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at Brooks Law Group right away.

Be Warned: DIY Pool Filter Maintenance Can Lead to Serious Injury

Pool filters are designed to remove debris from pool water by pumping the water through a filter and depositing it back into the pool. The pump operates under pressure, typically at about 15-25 pounds per square inch, or psi. The pressure rating of a car radiator cap is typically about 16 psi. Just about everyone has heard not to remove a radiator cap when the engine is hot. The hot engine coolant under pressure inside the radiator can be forced out and cause scalding and burning. A pool filter operating under the same or even more pressure is just as dangerous.

While the water inside the pool filter is not hot, the hard plastic or metal container tops can be blown off by the pressure inside the compartments housing the filter. If you are standing nearby or working on the filter when it explodes, you may suffer severe and permanent injuries to your face and head.

Leave Filter Maintenance to the Professionals

Manufacturers are improving pool filter designs, and fewer products have been recalled than in years past. But why risk serious injury? Leave the maintenance to pool companies who have the training and expertise needed to do the job safely.

Given the pandemic, many pool businesses are backed up with maintenance demands. If you’re a committed DIYer, at least give your pool company a call to find out how often you really need to be changing the filter. Depending on the product, the timeframe could range from six months to three years. Other factors, such as suntan lotion, deodorants, and hair products can affect the lifespan of a filter, so it’s wise to check before you get to work.

Winter Haven Pool Filter Injury Lawyer

If you were hurt by an exploding pool filter, contact the skilled Winter Haven personal injury attorneys at Brooks Law Group right away. We’re dedicated to obtaining maximum compensation for accident victims throughout Winter Haven and the surrounding areas.

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