Many schools in and around the Tampa Bay area are back in session beginning this week, and we all know how exciting it is for the children (and parents) to see that yellow bus roll up and kick off a brand new year. For teachers though, the excitement is probably mixed with some nerves about new classes, and providing the very best for their students in the months ahead. A great way to put his or her mind at ease? Let them know how excited YOU are to have them teach your child with one of these simple, inexpensive gift ideas to celebrate the first day of school.

MARK Our Words, This Year Will Be AWESOME!

Every teacher uses Sharpies (permanent markers) and they’ve all noticed the prices creeping up over the years. Grab a pack (or two) and tie them up with a fun note! They’re sure to make your child’s teacher smile, and will help stock his or her desk with a fresh stash of ink for all that grading.

First Day Survival Kit

Make sure your student’s teacher is ready for anything with this creative “survival kit” for the first day of school. In a small basket, organization container, or gift bag, place simple items that will be useful for the first day back in class, including a bottle of hand sanitizer, a granola bar or two, a bottle of water, an inspirational card or quote, some fun new pens, and anything else that a teacher might forget to throw in their own bag as they head out the door.


Teachers run on coffee and/or tea, and you can’t go wrong with a gift card and fun new travel mug for a nearby coffee shop. Whether you opt for local or choose a chain, your child’s teacher will be sure to appreciate the gift of caffeine on a busy morning when they’re running late or an evening when they’ve been up for hours grading papers.

Your Time!

While it might seem silly, offering your time as a gift to a teacher has a HUGE impact. Whether you offer in person, or choose to send a homemade coupon to school with your child, volunteering a few hours throughout the school year to do menial tasks like cut out shapes, organize project bags, help with classroom cleaning, etc. can take a big load off an overwhelmed teacher and make sure they feel supported throughout the school year. It’s a gift that keeps giving!

The team at Brooks Law Group wishes all of our students and teachers a great year, full of learning, with plenty of FUN. We’re proud to be part of this amazing community and want to remind all of you to stay safe this year as you adjust to new bus routines, daily commutes, and busy days spent on the road. We know accidents happen, and when they do, Look to Brooks! We represent clients in cities throughout Central Florida, with compassionate, expert legal counsel. Call us for your free consultation!

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