Philanthropy is a huge pillar of our foundation here at Brooks Law Group. We are proud to continuously post about events we sponsor and ministries we contribute to in hopes it will spread exposure of the vast amount of ways you can help our community and get others involved. Back to school is a busy time for organizations that are out to help children. The same week as our First Annual Bike Rodeo; we also are participating in the Back to School Bash for Centro Campesino (Farmworkers Ministry)in Auburndale.

The Farmworkers Ministry is one of our favorite ministries to work with. The group serves the Hispanic farmworker community in Polk County with a wide variety of social services, but you don’t have to be Hispanic or even work on a farm to seek its services. Their mission is to empower people with resources and programs to foster self-sufficiency. They help with everything from health care, social services and employment to education and culture.

On Saturday, August 6th at their headquarters at 318 W. Bridgers Ave. in Auburndale from 10AM-2PM they will be furnishing back to school supplies for 250 children in the community. We were thrilled to donate the 250 book bags that will be filled for students in Polk County.

“We don’t say, ‘Here’s a bag of food,’ and that’s it,” agreed Catalina Mondragon, the ministry’s community services outreach worker and one of its most experienced workers as a 25-year employee. “Education is one of our biggest priorities. We try to empower and educate our people.”

“A person or family seeking one kind of assistance, most often for medical services, usually leads to discovering other needs, such as housing, food, education or immigration assistance”, Mondragon added. The ministry will try to address all needs.

The center also houses Mujeres Valientes; a program offering support to women and children who are victims and survivors of physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse. This is such an amazing program that has given new hope to so many.

Other services offered include help with applying for government benefits such as unemployment compensation, Medicare and food stamps, a food bank; a medical clinic operating out of a bus parked outside monthly; an interest-free home loan program that’s given homes to about 60 families over 20 years; classes for GED, citizenship and English; and even a Girl Scout troop.

The Farmworkers Ministry goes above and beyond to give each family and each individual a full experience of support and education that has served to create independent people through these wonderful programs. Go visit and see for yourself. You will be amazed at all this group does for the citizens of Polk County, and you will see why; they are so close to our heart.

Quotes from an article on By Kevin Bouffard Published: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 9:48 p.m.

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