Fact: Florida leads the nation in the number of motorcycle deaths

It’s no secret that the weather in Florida makes for great conditions for riding a motorcycle. Without the harsh changing of seasons, bikers are free to hit the streets nearly year-round. As your local motorcycle accident attorneys, we’re here to share some facts about motorcycle safety in an attempt to make us all safer out on the roads.

While all methods of transportation have their own risks, motorcycles have a reputation for being the riskiest of them all. However, they serve as a great method of transportation and a way for families to enjoy the open road together.

So, you might be wondering, just how risky is riding a motorcycle? Are they really as dangerous as you’ve been led to believe? We can find the answers in the statistics, especially for the state of Florida.

Fact: Florida leads the nation in the number of motorcycle deaths

Motorcycle Accident Statistics:

What Factors Make Motorcycles Dangerous?

Statistics don’t lie. Looking at the numbers, there is no doubt that motorcycles are significantly more dangerous than passenger cars. But what makes motorcycles so dangerous?

  1. Unlike cars or trucks, motorcycles only have two wheels, which means they require balancing to stay upright. In the event that something goes wrong, they’re far more likely to lose control.
  2. Motorcycles are much harder to see. They’re small and can be easy to overlook when pulling out or making a lane change. Many motorcyclist accidents are caused by this simple fact.
  3. Motorcycles are much more exposed to the elements. While you’re isolated from whatever weather conditions are raging outside of your car, motorcycles are not. It’s far easier to lose visibility in a storm while on a bike.
  4. Because motorcycles drive on two wheels, they are extremely vulnerable to the surface they drive on. While a pothole might be a minor nuisance to you in your car, a pothole can lead to a fatal accident when you’re on a motorcycle.
  5. Driving a motorcycle is very different than driving a car. There is a reason motorcyclists need additional training and certifications before they can go out on the roads. Without the skill or experience, it can be easy for a new biker to be involved in an accident.

Safety From Both Sides

Motorcyclists: Safety comes first. Whether you are a driver or a passenger, the first thing to do to ensure safety is to make sure you, or the driver, are aware of how to operate a motorcycle. Secondly, ALWAYS wear a helmet. Many fatalities happen because motorcyclists do not wear helmets. This is especially true in Florida, where helmets are not always required by adults. As a result, drivers do not feel obligated to ride with a helmet, ultimately endangering themselves and their passengers.

Other Drivers: We’ve all seen the “look twice for motorcycles” bumper stickers. If you are a driving a car, this is especially true. When changing a lane, the driver is obligated to check their blind spot more than once to ensure that a motorcycle isn’t in sight. Once the view is clear, the driver may proceed to change lanes. Also, drivers should keep a significant distance behind motorcyclists. Because motorcyclists may lose balance, keeping a safe distance allows a driver to make a quick stop.

7 Safety Steps for Bikers

7 Steps to Keep You Safe:

  1. Inspect your motorcycle before each and every ride. The smallest issue overlooked could have a drastic outcome.
  2. Wear the right gear. Proper riding attire should be heavy enough to protect, and bright enough to be highly visible to other drivers.
  3. Know your route ahead of time. Always coordinate your route when riding with a group.
  4. Stay alert and stay rested! Fatigue can impair a motorcyclist’s ability to react and cause a tragic accident.
  5. Practice defensive driving. While you may have the right of way, another person’s mistake could cost you your life. In a crash with a car or truck, the motorcycle almost always loses.
  6. Know the rules of the road and obey them.
  7. NEVER drink and drive!

How Can A Motorcycle Attorney Help You?

Motorcycle accidents are serious. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash, we recommend you seek the guidance of an attorney. Brooks Law Group has experienced motorcycle crash attorneys with an impressive track record in Tampa, Lakeland and Winter Haven representing people who have suffered significant injuries in motorcycle accidents.

For your free case evaluation, you can call us at (800) LAW-3030 or fill out the online contact us form located on our website. If we don’t win your case, you won’t owe us anything!

If you or anyone you know is a victim of a motorcycle accident let our law firm help you understand your rights and get the recovery you deserve. During this difficult time, we will help you receive the maximum compensation allowed by law and we will assist you through every step of the case. If you’ve been injured, Look to Brooks!

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