Coronavirus Cases Resurging

A couple of months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic was the only thing that anyone could think about. Whether you turned on the TV or logged into your social media platform of choice, you were guaranteed to be confronted with the problem. Most of the country shut down in response to the rapidly surging hot spots of the virus across the United States. While the move to shut down our doors was controversial, in our state we began to see a plateau or even decline in the number of positive cases after the shutdown. Over the past few weeks, we’ve started to open back up in response to the economy and the number of new cases. Are we witnessing a resurgence?

Cases Numbers Across Florida

Throughout the month of May, you can look at a graph and see that the number of new cases per day in Florida was relatively stationary. Our state was reporting between 500 and 700 new cases per day on average. This corresponded with a rapidly increasing number of testing sites, so even as more and more people were tested per day, the number stayed fairly still.

In June, our state began to re-open its doors. Our economy and job market were struggling and as we weren’t seeing a rapid increase in cases, this was a move that many people supported. Our state never reached the vast numbers seen in some of the pandemic hot spots, such as New York. Now that businesses are open and people are out and about, how has this affected our case numbers?

Florida Witnesses Historic Highs in New Case Numbers

If you follow the graph we linked above, you’ll notice that the number of new cases per day began to dramatically chart upward as we moved into June. This also corresponds with the reopening of our state. While previously we were seeing less than 1,000 new cases per day, this pattern was quickly disrupted this month. We quickly passed 1,000 new cases per day. We moved straight through 2,000 cases per day. Over the past few days we’ve seen more than 3,000 new cases per day. It doesn’t stop there.

As of today, the Florida Department of Health confirmed a new record in the amount of new positive cases in one day.

This is a massive increase from the numbers we were seeing a few weeks, even a few days ago. The previous record in one day was only a few days ago when the state reported 4,049 cases on Sunday. The numbers show that we are seeing a rapid increase in the amount of cases on a daily basis.

Free Masks in Hillsborough County

Regardless of your thoughts on the pandemic, we urge everyone to be safe in the coming weeks as we see the number of positive cases expanding. One recommendation is to wear masks when you’re in public. As a matter of fact, this is an initiative our firm has supported for our community by distributing free face coverings.

Masks have been hard to come by, but if you’re in Hillsborough County, you can receive masks for free this week. The county will be giving them out for the next few days in four different locations across the county. If you’re in need of a mask, we urge you to venture out to grab one during this opportunity!

For more information on the Hillsborough County mask giveaway, you can click the link below for the locations, times and more!

Stay safe out there!

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