Every year we close down our offices for one day in December to show our staff some appreciation for the work they do throughout the year. Last Friday, December 13th, was the day we held our annual staff Christmas party. It was a hit! Just like last year, we sent our staff out into downtown Winter Haven for an exciting photo-based scavenger hunt and to spend some Christmas bonus money supporting local businesses. If you were downtown on Friday morning, you probably saw a lot of blue Brooks shirts!

Brooks Bucks Supporting Local Business

We do things a little differently at the Brooks Law Group. As a local business, we recognize how important it is to support other small businesses in our community. For that reason, we incentivize our staff to spend their Christmas party money buying presents for their loved ones on homegrown businesses in Winter Haven.

For every dollar they spend in participating Winter Haven businesses, they receive one “Brooks Buck” back. After an exciting morning of Christmas shopping, we all meet back up together to spend the Brooks Bucks that staff have collected on additional prizes that we’ve purchased for our team. The more you spend on your favorite local businesses, the better the potential prize you receive from us!

We want to thank the many businesses that took part in our Christmas shopping experience this year. Here is a full list of them as well as information for how you can learn more about each of them!

The Great Winter Haven Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorite parts about the annual Brooks Law Group staff Christmas party is the scavenger hunt they take part in every year. The week leading up to the event, our firm administrator takes pictures in various locations all around the downtown Winter Haven area. We kick our Christmas party off by releasing our staff from the office and into the downtown area for them to scramble to take pictures in as many of those same spots as possible.

For some staff members, that means grouping up as a team and searching the Winter Haven area as a group. Other staff like to take the challenge on solo and hoard the photo spots they find to themselves. Either way, the more pictures they take the better! Taking selfies in those scavenger hunt locations is another exciting way for our team members to earn some extra Brooks Bucks for the fantastic prizes they receive at lunch!

Staff Photo Submissions

We hope you enjoy some of the pictures our staff took all around the downtown area!

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