Every Holiday season brings a lot of hustle and bustle to the neighborhoods, shopping plazas, and streets of all cities in Florida. It is a very busy time of year to say the least. With people out shopping to get those last minute Christmas gifts to family coming in from out of town, there is a higher chance for unfortunate accidents to occur, especially in the Tampa metropolitan areas.

Here are 5 very important safety tips to remember during this time of year:

  1. Restrain yourself and your passengers properly. It is very important to always wear your seatbelt and keep in mind that the safest place for children is in the back seat
  2. Be flexible in setting driving plans. We encourage you to leave early with plenty of time to get to family events. Be prepared to reschedule certain events if weather becomes an issue (although there is no snow in Florida, our weather can be a bit trying at times). It is better to reschedule than risk your life to get to a certain place at a certain time in treacherous weather.
  3. Keep your speed down to a minimum. It is important to give yourself plenty of time and distance to have sufficient response time to react to traffic around you.
  4. Assign a designated driver. If you must drink, be sure to have someone who is not drinking be the designated driver or just make a decision to stay home.
  5. Don’t use your phone while driving. If you must use your phone, pull off to the side of the road. This promotes safety for all people on the road.

We hope everyone has a very safe and joyous holiday season and we encourage you to be extra safe while driving on the roads. If anyone you know is in an unfortunate car accident during this time of year, give us a call at 888-We-Mean-It (888-936-3264) and we will be glad to assist you. We offer a free consultation and a “no recovery, no fee PROMISE.

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Brooks Law Group!

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