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While all truck accidents are dangerous, no two truck accidents look exactly alike. Due to their immense size and somewhat unusual configuration, tractor trailers are prone to different kinds of accidents than other motor vehicles. Sudden stops, uncontrolled turns, poor weather conditions, and more can all trigger a variety of accidents, from jackknifing incidents to rollovers.

Stay safe on the road by knowing how to identify, and avoid, these four major types of commercial trucking accidents:


Trailers are attached to trucks by a single, highly mobile joint. This joint allows truck drivers to maneuver trailers around tight corners and allows them to back trailers up to loading areas. However, this mobile joint makes trucks dangerous on highways.

If the driver brakes improperly, or if the equipment fails, the truck may skid and slow. If the trailer behind does not slow as quickly as the truck, it may put pressure on the truck and force the front end to swing around backward. This “jackknifing” creates an acute angle between the truck and the trailer. The side of a jackknifed truck can be crushed, which is sometimes fatal to the driver.

Underride Accidents

An underride accident is a rear-end collision between the trailer of a truck and another, smaller vehicle. A low-riding car might hit the back of the trailer at head-level, crushing the top of the vehicle.

Clearly, this type of accident is caused by following a truck too closely. Three million people are injured in car accidents on U.S. roads every year, but among accidents involving semi trucks, this type is the most deadly.

Lost Load

Truck drivers learn to properly secure their loads and check straps every time they make a stop. However, due to a mistake or negligence load security mechanisms sometimes fail, causing logs, crates, or other equipment to topple onto a highway at high speeds. These types of accidents are often deadly for both drivers and passerby alike.


Finally, rollover accidents occur when the sideways momentum of a truck overcomes its forward momentum. Rollovers can happen at both high speeds and low speeds, but in any case, they often cause significant damage to the vehicle and severe injuries to those involved. Slippery roads, such as in rain or snow, can cause truck rollovers, as well as taking a curve too quickly. Jackknifing scenarios can also become rollovers.

Accidents happen, but when it comes to tractor trailers, accidents should be avoided at all costs. Keep a good distance when driving near tractor trailers to help prevent these and any other type of deadly accident.

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