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Apr 4, 2019

“We Felt Like Family” - Akeiba and Christopher H.

Akeiba and Christopher are a newlywed couple that were unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. Thankfully, Christopher’s family had experience working with the Brooks Law Group in the past. They knew they had a law firm with a proven track record for helping its clients get back on…

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Mar 21, 2019

“They Took Care of Everything for Me!” - Katrina T.

After her car was t-boned and totaled by a careless driver, Katrina turned to the Brooks Law Group. A trusted friend referred her to our offices. She knew she needed legal guidance and help getting back on her feet. “They Took Care of Everything for Me!” At the Brooks Law…

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Mar 7, 2019

“They Treated Me with Dignity and Respect” - Jessica T.

After a negligent driver struck Jessica’s car and injured her, she knew that she needed experienced legal counsel. Fortunately, her close friend was a previous client with Brooks Law Group. He recommended she reach out to the personal injury lawyers at Brooks. “They Treated Me with Dignity and Respect” At…

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Feb 14, 2019

“This is the Most Amazing Law Group Out There!” - Rebecca B.

After a large van smashed into Rebecca’s stopped car, she wasn’t sure what to do. She felt lost and decided to reach out to the trusted attorneys and staff at Brooks Law Group. “This is the Most Amazing Law Group Out There!” At Brooks Law Group, Rebecca found a team…

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Jan 31, 2019

“I Have What I Need to Get Back On My Feet” - Natalie G.

After an accident with a semi truck left Natalie injured and with a totaled car, she turned to the Brooks Law Group. At the Brooks Law Group, Natalie found a team that supported her and was focused on getting her back on her feet and well compensated. “I Have What…

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Jan 11, 2019

“I Would Recommend You to Anybody” - Lorie H.

Injured after being rear-ended in an accident, Lorie turned to the Brooks Law Group when medical fees began to pile up. Our attorneys and staff were able to reach a settlement that helped her get back on her feet without the burden of costly medical fees. “I Would Recommend You…

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Sep 27, 2018

“They Took Away the Headaches” - Christopher H.

After slipping and injuring himself in an inch of standing water on the floor of a public restroom, Christopher Hansen turned a firm he knew he could trust. He’d already had success working with the Brooks Law Group to assist with his disability claim, so it was a no-brainer for…

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Sep 13, 2018

“It Kept the Anxiety Down Because They Were Handling Everything” - Ted E.

“It kept the anxiety down because they were handling everything.” After an unfortunate accident with his son in the car, Ted Evans knew that he needed help. He felt pain from his injuries very early on, and decided he needed legal representation to receive the compensation he was owed. When…

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Sep 4, 2018

“The Best Attorneys I’ve Ever Seen” - Warren U.

After another car slammed into Mr. Underwood’s car and sent him spiraling off on the side of the road, he chose a local law firm that cares about each of its clients personally. According to Mr. Underwood, at Brooks Law Group he found, “the best attorneys I’ve ever seen.” We…

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Aug 9, 2018

“It Was Probably One of the Best Decisions We’ve Made” - Ray and Claudia P.

Ray & Claudia Perez After an accident in October of 2016, Ray’s wife Claudia guided him to the Brooks Law Group for his legal representation. When asked how the experience working with Brooks Law Group was, Ray had this to say, “to be honest with you, it’s probably one of…

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