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Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies have revolutionized how we get around and have provided countless individuals with a new source of income. As this industry grows, however, accidents involving rideshare vehicles have increased significantly.

Unfortunately, when individuals are hurt in a rideshare accident, the insurance companies may not always be willing to compensate them fairly for the harm they’ve suffered.

Because injury claims involving Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies are relatively new, confusion about liability and the process of recovering compensation is not uncommon. The rideshare accident lawyers of Brooks Law Group are well-versed in rideshare laws and the insurance policies available to provide compensation for victims.

Are you

  • a motorist or pedestrian who was struck by a rideshare vehicle?
  • a rideshare driver who was struck by another motorist?
  • or a passenger in a rideshare vehicle involved in an accident?

You may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Understanding Liability in Uber and Lyft Accidents

When the driver of an Uber or Lyft causes a car accident, the type and amount of insurance coverage may depend on what the driver was doing at the time of the accident:

  • Driver is logged off the rideshare app. If the driver is not currently logged onto the rideshare app and actively seeking rides, then the rideshare company likely has no liability. That means an injured party can only look to the driver’s personal or commercial auto insurance policy.
  • Driver is logged onto the app but is not picking up or transporting a passenger. If the driver is logged onto the rideshare app and is available for rides but has not accepted a ride request, the rideshare companies provide limited coverage. That usually amounts to the area of $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident in personal injury coverage and $25,000 per accident in property damage.
  • Driver is picking up or transporting a passenger. If the driver is on the way to pick up a passenger or has a passenger in the vehicle, rideshare companies typically offer their full coverage, usually up to $1 million in liability coverage.

Even when the rideshare company accepts liability through the coverage they offer to their drivers, a party injured by a rideshare vehicle may still look to the driver and their own insurance policy for coverage.

If you were working as a rideshare driver and you were struck by another motorist, you could be owed compensation if the accident was their fault. Additionally, Uber and Lyft both provide limited coverage if you were logged in and waiting for a fare. If you were actively transporting a fare at the time of the crash, the most robust coverage may be available to you – up to $1 million in coverage.                        

Compensation Available for a Lyft or Uber Accident

If you’ve been injured or suffered property damage caused by a crash involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle in Winter Haven, you may be entitled to various kinds of compensation for your injuries and your damaged property.

Compensation for personal injuries can cover losses such as:

  • Medical expenses, such as hospital stays, doctor’s office visits, physical therapy, prescription medication, and surgery.
  • Lost income when you miss work as you recover from your injuries. This also applies if you are unable to return to your job and have a difference between your pre-accident and post-accident income.
  • Pain and suffering, which represent physical and emotional distress caused by your injuries and the trauma of the crash.
  • Loss of consortium. This is a claim by your spouse and/or your immediate family members. It refers to the loss of your society and household services caused by your injuries.

In addition to compensation for injuries, you may also be entitled to recover compensation for your property damaged in the accident. This applies whether you were

  • the driver of another vehicle hit by an Uber or Lyft
  • or a passenger in the Uber or Lyft who had personal property damaged or destroyed in the accident.

If you have a close relative who was tragically killed in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, you and your family may be entitled to compensation in the form of wrongful death damages. These are paid out to your loved one’s estate and to your family for losses such as:

  • funeral and burial expenses
  • your loved one’s conscious pain and suffering immediately before their death
  • economic contributions, companionship, and household services your loved one provided to your immediate family.

Tips for Protecting Your Rights After a Rideshare Accident in Winter Haven

Have you been involved in a rideshare accident? There are certain actions you can take to best protect your right to maximum compensation for any losses you suffer as a result of the accident. These steps include:

  • Calling the police, who may write up an accident report. That report can provide information to help establish responsibility for the accident.
  • Getting insurance information from the rideshare driver, so that you can start the claims process.
  • Taking photographs of the accident scene. This includes:
    • the positions of and damage to vehicles
    • the inside of the rideshare vehicle (if you were a passenger)
    • skid marks on the road
    • road conditions
    • traffic controls
    • the area around the accident,
    • weather and lighting conditions.
  • Seeking prompt medical attention. You need to do this, even if at first you don’t feel like you sustained injuries from the accident. Symptoms can take days or weeks to show up, and delaying medical attention can worsen your prognosis for recovery.
  • Writing down your recollection of the accident. Do this once the excitement and shock of the accident have worn off and your mind has cleared. Then you will have a contemporaneous recollection of the accident. You can refer back to it as you pursue your claim.
  • Contacting an experienced Uber and Lyft accident attorney who can begin to help you pursue your claim for compensation.