Florida personal injury wrongful death attorney Steve Brooks explains how a jury is selected.

While dealing with your personal injury case, jury selection is a very important process. Not only are these the peers who will help decide the verdict of the case; it's also the best time for the jury to meet the attorneys and grow a rapport. This report that they build can lead to trust and an overall positive verdict from the jury. A juror can be challenged -- meaning they can be removed from the case -- by two ways. The first way is by cause. It simply means that there is a legal basis to remove a jury. It's typically bias or prejudice. The second way to remove a juror is called a preemptory challenge. This is at the attorney's discretion and basically means remove the juror, no reason needed. However, both attorneys are allotted only a certain number of preemptory challenges so it's best to remove a juror by cause. Watch the video to learn more.

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