Red-light cameras are a key part of traffic enforcement in Florida and many other states. They monitor intersections, record video, and take photos. They’re capable of recording multiple types of violations, including running red lights and illegal turns. And when it comes to traffic accidents, red-light cameras could also provide valuable evidence for people injured in collisions at intersections.

At Brooks Law Group, we’ve seen the critical role that red-light cameras can play in proving serious injury cases. Collecting the right evidence can mean the difference between recovering maximum compensation and less than what you deserve. Our Tampa car accident lawyers are experienced investigators who know what it takes to build a persuasive case for compensation for you.

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Florida Red Light Laws

In Florida, drivers must stop at the indicated line when they approach a red light. Making a right turn on red is allowed as long as there is no sign prohibiting it. Drivers must yield to any pedestrians or right-of-way traffic before proceeding.

If a motorist fails to stop at a red light and the intersection has a red-light camera, they may be fined and/or assessed points against their driver’s license. Beyond that, if the red-light runner causes an accident that injures someone else, they could be held civilly liable for their negligence.

What are Red-Light Cameras and How Do They work?

Red-light cameras are a special type of traffic enforcement camera. Unlike other traffic cameras, these are often to the side of an intersection or positioned on its corners. By monitoring intersections, they help police keep an eye on more intersections while reducing the burden on officers.

Red-light camera systems use multiple cameras and complex sensors to detect whether a red-light violation occurs. It turns on immediately after the signal turns red and captures evidence of drivers who fail to stop. These images include the license plate and a 12-second video of the violation.

Red-Light Camera Safety Program in Tampa

Tampa officials recognize that red-light running is an ongoing problem both in the city and across the nation. According to city statistics, more than 50 percent of the red-light crashes in Hillsborough County happened within Tampa’s city limits. That equals hundreds of avoidable accidents each year that lead to injury and death.

To help with this problem, Tampa initiated the “Stop on Red Tampa” program to reduce the number of accidents caused by red-light runners. You can find red-light cameras at high-traffic intersections throughout the city. The hope is that red-light cams will improve enforcement and ultimately save lives.

What to Do After Being Hit by a Red-Light Runner

A car accident is always a shock, but even more unexpected when a driver disobeys a fundamental traffic law like stopping on red. If you’ve been hurt, following these tips can protect your claim for compensation.

  • Seek medical treatment for apparent injuries.
  • See a doctor as soon as possible to check for unseen or delayed-onset injuries.
  • Speak with a Florida red-light accident lawyer about your eligibility to seek compensation.
  • Keep records of all of your accident-related losses, including medical bills, proof of lost wages, co-pays, and other expenses.
  • Stick to your medical treatment plan. Not attending appointments can hurt your red-light accident claim.
  • Don’t post about the accident or your injuries on social media.

Can Red-Light Camera Footage Be Used as Evidence?

Yes, red-light cam footage is acceptable evidence in Florida courts. But you’ll need to make sure that you meet any legal requirements before you can get a copy. If you seek red-light camera footage to use in your claim, speak with a car accident lawyer about your best steps forward.

How Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Red-light runners should be held accountable when their negligence behind the wheel hurts someone else. If you or a loved one was hurt, an experienced red-light accident lawyer at Brooks Law Group can help you collect the evidence you need to build a solid claim for compensation.

With a track record of success representing injured people throughout Central Florida, our proven attorneys can help by:

  • Listening to your story: Your health and well-being matter most. During a free case evaluation, our car accident lawyers can review the facts and develop a solid legal strategy for pursuing maximum compensation for you.
  • Answering your questions about Florida personal injury laws: Filing a red-light runner claim is not simple. Our attorneys can break it down so that you understand the laws that apply to your case.
  • Gathering evidence about the red-light accident: Witness statements, medical records, the police accident report, and red-light camera footage may all be a part of your claim.
  • Providing outstanding client service: At Brooks Law Group, our clients always come first. We know the law is not a 9 to 5 profession. You can count on us to be available when you need us.
  • Managing all phone calls, paperwork, and settlement talks: A case can involve many forms, paperwork, and discussions. Once you hire us, organizing and submitting those documents becomes our job, not yours.
  • Negotiating for a full and fair settlement: Our experienced attorneys will fight for maximum compensation in your case.
  • Filing a red-light runner lawsuit, if necessary: In some cases, a trial may be the best option when seeking compensation from stubborn insurers. Our aggressive trial lawyers will argue your case before a judge or jury to push for a verdict in your favor.

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