Most people may think that elevator accident injury cases are not common grounds for filing a personal injury claim. Actually, this idea is very misleading. Elevator accidents are a steady concern of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). That’s why a competent elevator accident lawyer can be such a helpful resource.

You Can Be Compensated in an Elevator Fall Case

The study that the CPSC conducted in 2002 showed that more than 11,000 victims have suffered elevator accident injuries from elevator accidents.

Usually, an elevator accident injury is a result of either mechanical failures or poor conditions:

  • Wearing of the pulley mechanism that allows the elevator to fall freely until it reaches the lowest level at a very high speed
  • Disproportionate elevator leveling with the floor
  • Elevator entanglement due to engine failure, electrical malfunction, or emergencies such as fires
  • Falling from an open elevator shaft on a construction site

Determining Fault in an Elevator Fall Case

Prior to installing an elevator in a building or an establishment, it should be inspected by the state government for some testing on mechanical and physical deficiencies.

The majority of these elevator accidents fall under the liability of the building owner. These owners can be found guilty of not completing proper maintenance on the elevator. In cases like an elevator failing due to product defects, the manufacturer could also face responsibility. Determining who has liability depends on who has been negligent.

Did you suffer injuries in an elevator accident? Consult trusted legal counsel who can guide and support you on what assistance the law provides. An elevator accident lawyer who has experience in elevator accident injuries can improve your chances of obtaining the right amount of compensation from the liable party.

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