Soft-tissue Injury Case – $93,790.45 – Our client, a school bus driver, was rear-ended by a pick-up truck while slowing down for traffic. This resulted in soft tissue injuries to her shoulder and back. State Farms top offer leading up to trial was $5,500. State farm then offered to settle the day before the trial for $12,500. The Verdict at trial was $48,000.00. Court awarded fees plus costs to our client were $45,790.45. The total for the client (before PIP setoff) was $93,790.45. (To explain the fees and costs awarded to our client by the court: we can use a legal mechanism called a PFS (Proposal for Settlement). When we file a PFS to settle a case…say for $10,000 and the insurance company does not pay us that money within 60 days and then, our verdict at trial exceeds the PFS amount by 25%, i.e. in this example, a verdict greater than $12,500; then we get to petition the court for attorney fees from the date of the PFS. These fees do not go in our pocket. The fees go toward the gross recovery for the client’s case. In this example, if we got a verdict of $12,501, we could petition the court for fees for all of our time after the PFS. Let’s say that amount totaled $20,000 in fees. So the gross recovery for the client would be $12,501 + $20,000 = $32,501. We would then take our fee percentage out of the $32,501.)